Evolutions Worth It?

With shipping, a booster box of evolutions xy12 from collector’s cache will be around $103. Is it worth the price just to keep for a sealed collection? And I don’t have experience with collector’s cache so should I expect the box to be in pretty good condition? Thanks

I think some other people such as Smpratte on here will disagree with me, but at this moment in time, I don’t understand why anyone would pay more than $90 shipped for any booster box since Primal Clash.

The first place to search is ebay, as it is the largest platform by far, for buying/selling pokemon

I consider buying any new box at over $90 a loss in itself
Just out of curiosity, what other sealed boxes do you have/are you looking to collect? I made a price guide that may help (its a work in progress)


Now a days there are so many ways to make some percents back on the bottom line. For instance the ebay bucks going on right now, there are sellers of evolutions boxes for around $85-90 on ebay at the moment and with a kick back of $8 ebay bucks, your cost basis is almost down to high $70’s which is very very lower than any big box store.

Evolutions is still pushing product, isn’t going to be done for awhile and with the large markets now a days its going to be a much longer time for those boxes to hit higher prices. Today’s market is not what it was when the boxes that are around $1000-1500 today were released. Its a very uncertain market right now, but a good point to make is investments in sealed booster boxes will not deteriorate, its just going to take awhile.

Do I think its a bad investment? not at all, just at the right price point. I have enjoyed collecting booster boxes, casing them up, and displaying them. Having a nice background is both positive to my enjoyment, and its something I enjoy everyday that is also safeguarding an investment for the future. Sure the market is flooded and someone might not buy yours for the same price as another, but its a well established market and it will sell. To find something that you enjoy, that safeguards an investment, and is something that keeps you from spending funds on disposable items that are pure not necessary, i think its a very wise investment.

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@pieterpie currently only have first edition fossil and first edition rocket booster boxes. i guess its a matter of $10-20 extra dollars that makes it a good or bad purchase but i’m not looking to make a turnaround on any boxes i buy immediately at all. more for a collection purpose and then maybe one day sell them or just open them up (unless need the $). Ill check out ebay and see what they’re selling for / if i can find a better deal that includes the shipping. the evolutions box would be something to have just for the future, im only interested in WOTC for pokemon mostly and think the idea of evolutions was really cool

Im sorry if im using the thread to ask a question. But wasnt base set much more saturated then evolutions? I know its a reprint and all, but it still is one of the better sets to be released. Would it not be “safe” to assume that even tho its a lot of boxes around now, that the set will atleast keep some of its value over time? I know it will be less juse cause people know it will pay of to save and store boxes but still

Base set had a bunch of print runs, but has also gone through so many ups and downs of market spikes and crashes. There was plenty of times you could get them 5-10 years ago for fractions that you’d pay today. In all that time, the total amount still around is completely dried up and with the resurgence of the market its a completely different market.

However in today’s market, unlike almost any other year of pokemon, people are hording away boxes. Legitly hundreds and hundreds for some sellers. And the issue with that is the supply does not just dry up, they print even more and more. If the supply was to dry up and not have any more print runs, the prices would already be going up but when you have unlimited supply with no “1ed” to differentiate from the unlimited, its a very very saturated market. Over the 18 years base set has been around, anyone who had horded boxes has probably liquidated their supplies and now a single box seller can control the market. Prices cannot go up until a buyer has on choice but to pay a premium for a box. However in today’s market with the large portfolio’s of boxes, and the sets that are now being printed rapidly, most buyers are still buying at low distributor prices as they are constantly printing, or they have already moved on to the newest 2 sets that have already been released, let alone preorders for the 3rd S+M set.

While its the same game we all know and love, its a whole new ball game IMO.

Thanks man, some good points there that I did not consider

I would never buy a set that is in the current rotation for Investment purposes tbh.

The one advantage that Evolutions has which will save it from the set’s awful expected value and market saturation is that it’s a cheap substitute to opening a box of base set. That nostalgia factor is the only reason I bought boxes to keep sealed.

One day, it may be 4 years, 5 years or even 10 years when a box of unlimited base set is 8k, Evolutions will be worth something. You need to be patient with Pokemon investments unless you’re picking up something like psa 10 base set 1st zard or psa 10 staff Evolutions zard.

It also helps the set is impossible to complete in PSA 10. It will keep people opening product.

I think we are all forgetting how much base set was printed.

Evolutions will eventually rise in value. Just don’t expect to sell for profits in the coming few years.