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I have a listing of a collection of Xerneas & Yveltal on eBay for around £200, with Gary recommended a while back to put on eBay and see how it goes. Though I hasten to add that each box contains three XY base cards, and as of late I’ve received a lot of offers - I’m just curious why all of a sudden?

Just find it a bit odd because they’re rather modern - and being a big proponent of the WOTC products ~

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In the past few months i have noticed that every set has increased in price in a tier like way perhaps because of people also seeing this and then scrambling to buy the next tier while its ‘cheap’

What i mean is you had unlimited base set booster packs at the 1Q of the year were selling for around or below £100, Fossil/Jungle/Teamrocket etc were selling for around £50, Now I see Base set booster packs selling for 200 for light packs and anywhere between 300-600 for a heavy pack. Fossil/Jungle/Teamrocket have doubled in price up to around £100 and so have a lot of other sets.

Looking at it this way the Fossil/jungle/rocket packs have moved up to the tier base unlimited was sitting at comfortably for a while.

Black&White Booster packs were around £10-£20, Now all the ones for that price were sold and relisted for 30-40. This is the reason why i think XY might see an increase in demand, Merely because its the next set after Black&White which recently has had an increase.

Evolutions booster boxes in the UK have shot up a ton despite being some what of a meme and still being included in product today. I wanted to pick one up to open for fathers day but they’ve sold out everywhere and are on ebay for around £200 now.

This is my opinion from what i have been seeing this year in the sealed booster pack market (i live in the UK, US prices are a lot different to over here)

Sealed product has been a very popular seller in the past few months

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Magicmadhouse currently have Evolutions booster boxes for £149. No idea why people are paying over this price on eBay. They have 10+ in stock also.


Nice! The last time i checked was last week and they were sold out. They were at £125 last month with 10+ in stock too and they sold out very quickly and then upped the price to the current, I did not think they would be a restock thanks for letting me know!

Popular product i guess, i have seen them sell between £160-£200 on eBay the past month. Probably because places like Madhouse were sold out people were able to sell them high on eBay

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That’s actually a great point :blush:

I just found it rather odd that I was getting so many offers within a space of - let’s say - 2 days ~

Its pretty simple! The graded zards coming out of xy evolutions set are all hitting $300 -1k. With that being said if the xy evolution holo zard in psa 10 is hitting insane numbers its only natural for the box price to go up. Ive been making great profit by opening a booster box and sending the cards in for grading for about a year now. Probably the easier profit you can possibly make. It was only a matter of time the boxes adjusted to the graded cards price. I told everyone about this in another thread I made and no one seemed to understand (actually caused mass confusion and frenzies and chaos, the world almost ended) so I kept my mouth shut and kept buying and grading. Must have made over 7k off these booster boxes after grading the cards over the past year.

$100 booster box = $1,100 possible profit with todays market prices (thats called a win win situation. IMO) id save those packs and see where theyre at in a couple of months xy is popular and has gained solid traction.

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Yeah, I think you’re spot on there, and I won’t sell those boxes - thanks :blush:

Makes me wonder if even Generations’ packs will increase in the future, given the special circumstances in having to get them: special packs, in comparison too Evolutions ~

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