E4 Secret Santa 2016 [PICTURE THREAD]


This is the official thread for all pictures of Secret Santa gifts received!
All official announcements will continue to be posted in the main thread, so keep an eye on that.


  1. This thread is for positivity only.
  2. Don’t post real names/addresses. Anything else from the gift is fair game.
  3. Unboxing videos, photos, descriptions, etc. are all appropriate ways to share. If you are unsure about your post, ask first!
  4. Seriously, don’t complain. It ruins things and hurts feelings and makes you look bad and stuff.
  5. If a user did not specifically include their name on the gift, try to respect their anonymity. Don’t harass anyone about whether or not they are your Secret Santa. They can come out on their own if they so desire.

Well that was fast.

Thanks a bunch @fritz


Wow @thorgene your Secret Santa was faster than Amazon Prime! :blush: Awesome gifts :blush:


Dang @fritz chill out! :wink:


You’re welcome!

Well that was fast too!

A well decorated enveloppe showed up today! I didn’t buy anything recently so I had a feeling this would be my secret santa gift.


So what’s inside? Lot’s of amazing things!

Let’s start with the letter with some beautiful drawings of my 2 favorite Pokémon on it!

The letter is in dutch since I & my secret santa both speak dutch. It just says “I hope you’re happy with what I’ve send, merry christmas!”

I am definitely happy with what you’ve send, my dear secret santa! A lot of things I didn’t have in my collection yet!

A Jumbo card, various Japanse promo’s, very cool sleeves (I love that Exeggutor one) and cards of my favorite Pokémon!
AND… lots of little damage conters/coins (I’ve really no idea what they’re used for haha), when peeking in the enveloppe I thought it was confetti haha!

Here’s a closer look at the unpeeled card and a promo boosterpack!

I had no idea what could be in the boosterpack, so I opened it and I do not regret that!
Inside was a gorgeous Eevee promo!

Thank you my secret santa! I collect Japanse promo’s and didn’t have almost any of them so you did well!


Those damage counters. :laughing: And a pretty good drawing as well. Btw, I didn’t knew you were Dutch as well, @poketrade .

Also, you forgot to mention who your Secret Santa is.


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Well my Secret Santa didn’t mention his/her name, but I think it’s @aj1 :blush:

Yes, I’m dutch! I live in Flanders, Belgium. If you’re active in Dutch facebook Pokémon-groups you probably know me. (If only you knew my real name :stuck_out_tongue:)

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Received my SS gift today from @jjnoriega and I love everything:D. Thank you so much man I really appreciate all the Rayquaza items! This hat will now become my “go to” and the pikaray is just way to cute haha it’s amazing. Thank you for spending the time to draw the great picture as well and for the note. :grin: (Didn’t pull any shiny stuff from the packs, but the Jumbo card is the best glquality I’ve seen and will be sent to PSA for grading!!)


@rayquazatcg yey!! So glad it got there… I was starting to worry when I saw there was a failed attempt to deliver lol. Glad you liked all the items!! I was excited for you to get the hat since I love those and its a NewEra one :grin: Hope you enjoy them :blush:


Sick hat!


At first I thought it was the last remaining item I needed for my Gift to my SS Victim but it turns out it was @funmonkey54

It was Part 2 of his Gift. I am hoping Part 1 is still with him or still being sent to my house.

This card is one of the ones I needed. It is a display item and I will have it in Display when I add shelves to my Collection Area. Thank you so much. :grin:

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That came way too fast. You’ll get the rest this week or next.


Faster than the Item I ordered the day after SS Assignment were out…
THAT LAST ITEM IS HUNTING ME. I might do what you did and send out the first half and as soon as I get the last part I ship it out.

Yeah, I was trying to avoid the possibility of it coming super late by shipping it direct. Oh well. Throw it in with the rest of the items for a complete picture when it all comes for me!

That was the plan. I was just worried Part 1 got lost. Or something.
Glad it isn’t. :grin: thank you again for the Jumbo Entei Display I love it.

I noticed this morning the most suspicious brown letter in my mailbox, figured out it might be Secret Santa gift because I hadn’t ordered anything lately and sender had quite familiar name.

Look at all these goodies @thorgene gave! GB Meowth, L-P Lugia/Ho-oh duo, Pikachu Medal and some Corocoro promo I can’t recognize, wanna enlighten what it might contain? :laughing:

Also big thanks for the most politically correct Christmas card, had a good laugh when I saw it. :grin:


Got this over the weekend - a big thank you from @skinst****:heart_eyes:


Just sent mine out today. Also realised that writing “viral” on the outside probably wasn’t the best idea. So here’s hoping it gets there and I’ve not made the biggest cock-up of 2016!

I had my girlfriend ship out as I was at work today and she managed to put one of the items not in a toploader so here’s hoping it doesn’t get messed up - but it’s just the drawing not the main present so shouldn’t be too bad. Let me know when you get it whoever you are :stuck_out_tongue: :blush:

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Got my Secret Santa gift today! Loved the picture actually… you can clearly tell it’s Base Set Pikachu. :grin:

Who do I have to thank for this though?! There wasn’t even a return address haha. No hints whatsoever.