$5600 for a psa 10 shadowless charizard??

I’m not sure if you all saw but one just ended on ebay for $5600…wasn’t it a little while ago there was a thread discussing what would be valued more a psa 9 1st ed zard or a psa 10 shadowless zard? Lol wow… I am shocked at that price and think that is overpriced in my opinion. Just the other week one sold privately for under 4K. What do you guys think?

Some charizards are spiking in price in the past few weeks. We saw this in the 1st ed base, the unlimited base, the neo shining unlimited and 1st ed, even the reverse holo legendary zard went up a little while ago. The shadowless zard is very rare and very hard to find in the open market, plus boxes with shadowless cards are not even guaranteed coupled with the centering problem in the shadowless holo set, the $5600 is fair imo. Could even hit 5 figures by the end of this year if the pop doesnt just suddenly blow up.

$5600 is way undervalued. If that sale had hit PWCC it would have gone up to the high 4/low 5 figure range.

These cards in Gem Mint PSA are rarer at this point than the 1st Ed. Base set. There just aren’t any available. Only 1 or 2 go on sale per year, if at all, and the pop count is abysmally low at ~30. Nearly half (or more) are also off of the market permanently i.e. not for sale.

Whoever won that auction also probably bid much higher than $5600 and got lucky. You just see $5600 and think ‘oh that’s the most someone was willing to pay’, when in reality it’s not unlikely that they were putting up over $6K or $7K and just had no competitors.

One thing is for sure: the winner is a very lucky guy. At the very least he’ll make several thousand over the next year or two if the market stays moving and he decides to sell.


Where are you getting this information? You’re talking about a card being worth double what it literally just ended at. Everything you’re talking about (low population, few going up for auction) should contribute to the card being overvalued at auction, not undervalued. With the 1st edition Charizard we’ve seen that people will line up to pay $16k for it, the idea that the winner had “no competitors” is frankly not feasible.

Forecasting the meteoric rise of the most recognizable card in Pokemon is easy. Those of its baby brothers? Not so much. 1st edition will always be far ahead of Shadowless IMO, because its THE card to collect. Not to say shadowless won’t rise further, it has a lot of factors that point in that direction, but expecting a card like this to rise in tandem with 1st edition Base is overly optimistic at best.

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Don’t forget the plasma storm charizard


I mean the card is worth a lot yes but I just don’t see that it’s worth it at around the 6k mark. A few months ago ppl were talking about one being like 3500 so for one going at almost 6k seems like a lot. But hey there’s always some guy out there willing to pay those prices and yeah your right I’m sure someone out there is just waiting to drop 7k on one easily. It’s just too hard to predict future sales because logically you think ok this sold for this much now so then two months from now maybe another few hundred more…but in actuality if there is none others up I guess it can just name its price and there will always be some nut out there willing to pay whatever price the seller wants lol


WTB/WTT: PSA 10 Shadowless Charizard ~$3500
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5k+ in auction

But yea super low PSA 10 population for an iconic card. Hard to find shadowless booster boxes. People regretting not buying 1st ed base zards when they were cheaper. People who own 1st ed base psa 10 zards wanting the next best thing. People who can’t afford to collect 1st ed base PSA 10s wanting the next best thing. I mean cmon the card is worth it and will continue to go up in price.

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Nice!! Haha and yeah I do see what your saying I agree! I wonder how this would compare to a 1st psa 10 blastoise…hmm…after this auction though I have to say that a 10 shadowless zard is probably the 2nd most expensive set card there is

No rarity zard is going to put it at 3rd.


I personally think the card is underrated. I actually just finished recording a video highlighting the strength and weakness between the 2 public 10 examples, and why one earned more than the other.

Keep in mind 3-4 copies suddenly appeared simultaneously out of nowhere. This usually devalues any item, especially one of this rarity/scarcity.


Looking foward to the vid! And yeah that last one on eBay had terrible centering…not 10 worth imo…it’s going to be Intresting to see how many come out now that one is on record for selling for 5600.

I don’t know about you guys, but it does seem that recently a lot of the PSA 10 grades have been given out to extremely hard to grade WoTC cards. Look for example at this one guy who is selling a bunch of Legendary Collection PSA 10s! No photos of the back of the card on many of these listings! www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_odkw=&_ssn=peepins3295&_armrs=1&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2046732.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.A0.H0.Xpsa+10.TRS5&_nkw=psa+10&_sacat=0

Also, there does seem to be a slight dip in the PSA 10 card qualities coming out recently, especially with PSA # of 27000000+. I do only mean slightly. I’ve seen some questionable cards, and I’ve purchased a few myself too. Centering, in particular, can be awful…

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I thought this too from my last submission. I had more 10s on cards I thought were average 9s. PSA seems like they are slightly more lax in the past few months…

Man these zards have got to plateau at some point. Reaching past trophies is ridiculous for the shadowless.

Not too long ago $5000 was top dollar for a PSA 10 1st edition. Now people are paying that much for the next best thing.

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I can’t wait to have the 33rd PSA 10… :rofl:

…or will I? :thinking:

Once I do…

…assuming I do…

I’ll take $33,333.33 for it. :sunglasses:

New blades were used to start the English Pokemon run. Due to that the percentage of 1st Ed Char 10s is nearly double that of the shadowless and probably a lot higher cause of crackers.


Let’s not turn this into a race thing Gary, come on.


I have had a steady increase in offers for my PSA 10 shadowless Charizards. I wouldn’t sell any individually either way but those offers have been many. That 5600.00 is a little more than I’ve been offered, whatever that means, but there’s no question the number f offers and the amounts are going up.

Yesterday, I sold that shadowless box I was showing here for 7000.00 and had a backup offer of 6800.00 in case it didn’t go through. It did though but on eBay so there were fees. I guess all the prices are being driven up.

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Wow $7000! Curious as to what you would value a sealed unlimited Korean base set box at, would you put it above the shadowless?