30th anniversary reprint?

In 2026 the Pokémon card game will be celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Would you like a straight reprint of base set? Kinda like mtg did their 30th besides the wild price tag. Meaning an exact reprint of the set with a variation of the back of the card or a stamp like the 25th anniversary?




Haha fair fair. They should do some neo reprints or a few cards


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something similar to Celebrations


Anything but Base sounds more appealing, but I also can’t think of any reprint that I’d personally want. After 151 releases I think I’m good with just regular sets for a while. I can see them making some sort of special release like the Team Rocket case or something though. That might be neat depending on what it is.


I don’t think 30th is very important anyway, otherwise what’s to stop them releasing one set every 5 years?

Celebrations was printed in the most printed era ever (I suppose Evolutions was too for its time) - I just can’t imagine that there will be any more demand. No one cares about most of the cards in the set - Voltorb, Haunter, Beedrill etc

We’ll have another 2.5 years of phenomenal AR/SAR art and would the modern audience be that excited for Sugimori Pidgey? Poliwrath? Arcanine? I don’t think so.

What they could do is create a massive set comprising of every Pokemon, every form and every supporter ever released. Something worth collecting.

This would make the set even larger but do an illustration contest but for every Pokemon then make those the normal arts of the set whilst the regular artists do the AR/SAR etc. Celebrate the fans as well as the artists.

Of course Pokemon won’t be making a 3,000 card set so lol it’s just dreaming.

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Yes, PLEASE!!!

No. I’d be down for something like Celebrations. Basically cards from throughout the eras. But honestly, I’m not down for a base set, since it’ll be predictable. Just base set Charizard being the chase card like it was for Evolutions and Celebrations. 30 years, if they do anything, should be celebrating the history that lead to 30 years. Not just the start.


i’d be down with celebrations 2.0, but only if it includes something like rayquaza star

I would much rather have a surprise release of the older games on the Nintendo Switch than opening Celebrations 2.0.


I would LOVE a set full of cards like the promos we got for Celebrations. New cards with the vintage twist, like Light Toxtricity and gold star Greninja.


What I would love is a full promo campaign with brand new cards:
-re-release the Pokémon movie in theatres and have promo cards to give out
-do an illustration contest
-give them out at Pokémon Centre stores
-have some tie in to Pokémon Go, Scarlet and Violet, N64 stadium on the switch, where you complete objectives in-game and get a card sent in the post

The Pokémon company would never want to print something into oblivion and give it out for free though.

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vg and tcg are fairly separate, so i would not expect it to be one or the other.

What I’d love: something like xy evolution: neo reprint, all with the original cosmo holo. Gen2 is often neglected by the pokemon company so it would be a nice strategy to introduce children and casual collectors to something that isn’t Kanto og 151.

What we’ll get: another base set charizard lol


The Unpopular Opinions thread is this way :eyes:

We haven’t even had the Pokémon Card Game Classic release yet!

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I speak for everyone when I say we NEED a Base Set Charizard reprint!


10 years since Evolutions, the natural fit would be a massive Neo release comprising the most popular cards from the fours sets and alt arts/art rares of Lugia, Umbreon etc with potentially some of them taking inspiration from the Shining Pokémon.


I wouldn’t object to a promo set of reprint cards. Where you can just buy an own all the cards. You know the 10th movie commemorative set? It is basically 10 cards inspired by other movies but they aren’t reprints. That’s the best direction to go.

I’d be excited for small promos. Like a return of ponchos or other Nintendo cross overs. Oh that’s right I’d they actually do release these they won’t even be affordable.

This is like people speculating who will run for office in the 2024 election a few months into 2021. Can we not get a bit of a breather? :sweat_smile::joy: