25th Anniversary Predictions & Wishes

With the 25th Anniversary of Pokemon just a few months away, there’s sure to be something (hopefully exciting) related to the anniversary in store for us. I have 2 questions for you, specifically for the TCG:

  1. What do you predict will actually happen for the 25th anniversary?

  2. If you could have anything done for the 25th anniversary (realistic or not so realistic), what would it be?

Curious to see what ideas everyone has… reprints of classic sets, specially themed sets, promos, etc… :blush:


I hope that things will calm down and that there won’t be any super exclusive limited edition cards going for thousands of dollars.

I predict the opposite.


Well if the 20th anniversary was a reprint of Base set, then a Neo Genesis reprint for the 25th anniversary seems like a very logical timeline to follow.


A new Pichu card would be nice!


I’d be excited for a reprint of Jungle, Fossil, Rocket, Neo… any would be awesome. But agree with you that Johto / Gen 2 deserves some love :blush:

I heard rumors about a sequel to Let’s go Pikachu/Eevee for Switch with Johto… so maybe the theme of 2021 will be Johto remakes!

Evolutions 2: Neo era boogaloo


Correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t there been neo reprints sprinkled into modern sets since evolutions?


I predict Re-prints of other popular cards which we missed with Evolutions. Jungle, Fossil, Rocket etc.

I hope they release some original full arts re-imagining the most popular cards from the last 25 years. Full arts on par with the tag-team era.

A set with god packs in English would also make me very happy!

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I would love to see some holo Gengar cards. I know that’s specific but I feel like they haven’t given Gengar the full cartoon vibe yet hahah


You’re right, I think Celestial Storm had some

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  1. Prediction: SSP gold versions of the 1999 1st Edition Base holos and/or 1996 Japanese Base Holos.

  2. Want: An English version of the 1997 TOMY Scratch cards. “Scratch & Battle!”

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A quality of many modern cards I find lacking is that it’s not immediately obvious what set or even era they’re from on first glance (though that might just be some boomer style cynicism creeping through). I’d love to see some really decent hand-drawn art cards that have their own identity, hopefully with a special or exclusive theme, so that when you look at them you know instantly that they’re part of the 25th Anniversary release. That, and a limited edition 24 carat gold bust of Collectible Guru’s head inscribed with ‘$30k by Christmas’.


Dragon Majesty too.

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Can’t predict the 25th, but would like to see Base Set Reprint in Shiny Vault Fashion :grin:

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Kind of terrifying though. I don’t know if I could stomach a shiny charizard on the base set art

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Maybe we get an XY Evolutions template Blastoise like we did for Charizard :blush:

I predict Charizards and Pikachus

I hope for some more vintage reprints where they don’t cut out 2/3rds of the main chase cards. Bastards…


Presumably we’re getting the ENG version of Shiny Star V? I think that’s one aspect of the 25th, I don’t know what else though. We got a base set reprint with evolutions so I don’t anticipate anything like that again (maybe I’m wrong though, there’s probably money for them if they do).

I’m gonna be on this train until the end but I’m hoping for a re-release of the Gym style sets or even another Team Rocket set. I think the latter is much more possible since it’s the OG bad guys team and it would make for a pretty sweet 25th set. I honestly just hope it’s something more than just Charizards and Pikachu. There’s easy money there, no doubt, but the 25th deserves a little more than just easy money hopefully.

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Prediction 1: There will be a 25th anniversary ETB that will either sell out immediately and skyrocket in price. Or, there will be way too many ETBs made so that everybody has one, but they somehow still skyrocket in price after one year.

Prediction 2: Instead of a pure gold pikachu card, they will make a pure platinum shiny charizard card.

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  1. Another Nintendo Pikachu mashup, like DK and Pikachu or Link Pikachu mash up.

  2. A set that honors a set from the golden era. Neo Genesis I guess, or even Jungle Fossil. Or even better a set that merges Neo Discovery, Revelations and Genesis.

  3. Olympics promos. Prefer a Pikachu playing baseball.

  4. Diamond and Pearl remake.