1st Edition Charizard BGS 10 going up for AUCTION Aug18?

So I was looking around the web yesterday and came across an upcoming auction on PWCC website. Auction is listed as “1999 Pokemon Game 1st Edition Holo Charizard #4 BGS 10 PRISTINE (PWCC)” set to start on Aug 18th 8:08pm PDT. Its a population 2 card and possibly going to be one of the craziest Pokemon TCG sales to date. Just thought I would make mention of it if it is true if anyone would love to watch the auction and or participate. Cheers!

Source: www.pwccauctions.com/item.php?item_id=1537686


This is going to be nuts…

Indeed. It will be very interesting to see what this card is truly valued at.

*grabs popcorn* :grin:

Will be very interested to see how it shakes out.

What is really surprising to me is that more people do not cross grade PSA 10 Zards to Beckett in hopes of getting a black label. If a black label 1st edition Zard ever popped up I think it would break the internet.

Id think someone with a flipper mindset, or someone who’s trying to profit would try attempting that…

Most people with a PSA 10 are satisfied with it as is. Especially since the PSA 10 is the market standard, thus why everyone tries cross grading BGS to PSA, not the other way around. The demand just isn’t there like it is with PSA.


Right my guess is $43,800! Yeh I said it.

I agree completely, PSA is obviously where it is at with Pokemon. In almost every case I can see a PSA of the same grade beating out Beckett when it comes to market price, the point I was making that a black label zard would be unquestionably the most profitable zard in history and I’m surprised so few have went for it.

35k is my guess

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Until someone gets a quad 10 black label i really don’t understand why someone would pay a premium for this.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it hits $40K.

AFAIK there are only 3 1st edition base holos with a BGS 10, 2 of them being charizard. The incredibly low population is a huge deal considering it is pokemon’s premier set.

As for the black label idea, I think everyone underestimates just how hard it would be to grade one. Sports markets that are way more established with tons more cards graded don’t have black labels on their premier card sets. But ya, black label would be a crazy auction for sure.

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Here’s some food for thought:
Everyone claims the BGS label is so majestic, untouchable and unreachable. While I agree with this, you all have to remember a big factory with there being such a low pop in the BGS 10 and BGS 10 Black Label, and that is that, the amount of attempts of people who have submitted “Gem Mint” copies of BGS in minuscule compared to PSA submissions.

9 out of 10 times, whenever someone has come into contact with a mint, gem mint, or even pack fresh 1st edition Charizard, their first thought and action is sending it to PSA. With PSA being the standard, the amount of these cards being sent it extremely low.

I’m not saying that if every person who sent a “Gem Mint” copy to BGS instead of PSA over years would bring the pop up, or even produce a Black Label. Maybe there’d be at least one who knows. I’m just saying that the numbers aren’t the same, thus producing this unicorn of a grade that everyone awes over.

Catch my drift peeps?

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@garyis2000 is this your card? if yes, will you toss me your sweat pants if I buy it.

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I don’t think it will even outsell a psa 10. Under 20k is my guess. Yes I know I’m a cynical a**hole.

I agree with BGS 10 as a whole wouldn’t equate to a PSA 10 in value. Unfortunatly we can’t seem to have an unbiaded auction involving the 1st edition charizard. There’s just too much hype, and with Gary going to Pawn stars there’s a bunch of people who don’t even know that BGS stands for Beckett who now for some reason want the card. We’ll have to wait for a noteworth card in BGS 10 that doesn’t have everyones panties in a bunch to talk about to be placed on auction for a better comparison between the companies value.

I have my eyes out for this already and I’ll update the forum when there’s a good comparison done. Posting them on the forum before they end will only tamper the process.

I think that BGS 10 should offer more “value” than a PSA 10 card, though I’m not experienced with grading with BGS, that’s the drift I catch when looking at cards graded by BGS compared to PSA.

I wonder if we would see a shift to BGS grading happen once say something crazy, the BGS 10 hits $50K.

BGS 10 > PSA 10. Always has been always will be. Look at every other market that is more developed than Pokemon. BGS 10’s outearn across the board. I guarantee that many more BGS 10’s would cross to PSA 10 than vice versa. Our own @garyis2000 can attest to the low rate of PSA 10’s crossing to BGS 10.

Sure… A single BGS 10 at auction of a not very heavily traded card could definitely under perform a similar PSA 10 listed at the same time. That is more due to the fact that not many people are searching “BGS 10 Pokemon” because most are searching “PSA 10 Pokemon”.


I hope the BGS 10 sell for a premium price so people start grading more with both PSA and BGS

When more people grade with both it means more people might stumble back into pokemon.

I think the BGS10 will atleast sell for 20. I do not belive the first one publicly sold will go as high as some people think, just beacuse its brand new and people might be scared to pay to much when they know they can get a PSA 10 that is guaranteed to keep rising in price.

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I always wonder how people are ok with 2 BGS “10” grades. The gold 10 is actually 9.875, and the black 10 is a full 10, making the gold somewhat redundant.

Regardless, in this instance with the charizard, since the pop is very low and it isn’t an easy grade, it will most likely do well.