BGS 10 Shadowless Charizard PWCC Auction

Since this is likely the only shadowless Charizard that will ever get a BGS 10, and last months record breaking auction went so well, what do you think this card will go for? Could it be more than a PSA 10 1st ed? Link to Auction

No way this will go for more then the first edition. Most likely around 18-22k I my guess

Except the 1st Ed one he’s referring to went for 20k so you’re actually agreeing with him:)


I say more than a PSA 10 1st edition. Maybe 20-25k

Wasnt the last one sold for 50k? I mean a first edition english Char, PSA 10.

I know this is irrelevant and dumb to ask but what is that card in your profile pic with Red in it? I’ve never seen it before and the artwork looks amazing.

BGS 10

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I think it’ll go for about 60% of what the 1st edition did, so $30,000.

Bandai '97 checklist.

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Thank you

Oh shit, I tought he was talking about BGS 10, my bad

I’m going to use basic math to make my guess on how much it will sell for. Based on the BGS 10 1st edition that sold for 55.6k and the fact that highest sold PSA 10 charizard 1st edition was around 25k. That would make a bgs 10 charizard around 2.2 times the value of a PSA 10. Granted the last auction was tampered with so it could offset this guess and really the value of a card is highly based on whatever the highest bidder is willing to pay. So there isn’t a true way to quantify the value but I’m doing this for fun and based on past sales. Anyway, so the last PSA 10 shadowless zard sold for $11,433.33. If you multiply it by 2.2 that would bring the total value of this card being at $25,381.99. So im guessing between 25k and 26k. I dont believe it will go for less but it could go for more if someone is willing to pay it.

The problem with that math is I was the second highest bidder on the PSA 10 and I won’t touch this current card up for auction.

Is that because of the tampering?

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No it’s mainly because I’d be willing to bet $1000 that the foil has scratching despite the surface grade being a 10 and it deserves no premium over a PSA 10 [in my opinion]. In fact I can already see a scratch on the right side of the card just under the tip of the wing.

These insane BGS prices are making me want to send in a PSA 9 and multiply it’s value.

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Well I’m sure everyone here would be very curious as to the results if you did!

Garinson are you winning dis for me or not :alien:

There will never be a PSA 9 that gets a bgs 10 sorry dude, but I’ve never been proven rong before :joy::joy::joy: there is however quite a few bgs 9s that get PSA 10 :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: including sahdowlesserb zard recently. Surface grade is only 1 of 4 of the subgrades and to get 3 subgrades as. 10 and 1 9.5 is basically impossible. 1 in 1000 ide say.

There is PSA 10 cards with light factory scratches to though it’s very low, it does happen when the other 3 subgrades score high enough in the eyes of PSA. It probably happens with bgs from time to time where they’ll have factory scratches or line or 2 on a surface grade 10, but it would be very unoticable and rare site indeed on a pristine 10. I noticed on a neo Genesis card there was a white bit that was hanging off the back… not damage just facotry white that looked like it wasn’t cut off… and the edge grade was 10. This was a bgs pristine 10 neo typhlosion.

But yeah like I said I’ve never been proven rong before because gods don’t get anything wrong. However if you do happen to grade a PSA 9 to a bgs 10 then please tell me first and pay me a visit before showing everyone so I can “examine” the card and destroy you, the card and the evidence against me :new_moon_with_face:

Funny thing is… were never going to have someone crack out a PSA 10 Shadowless zard and send to bgs are we :joy::joy::joy:
Unless Gary can take 1… Erm Errrrrm , or perhaps 10 for the team :smirk:

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Totally agree. People think it is easy for PSA 9 or even PSA 10 can get to a BGS 10 is dreaming… If your card has a tiny white spot or scratch on the edge and corner you are officially out of BGS 10. Noticing after the sale of BGS 10 Zard more cards were graded with BGS hoping for BGS 10. The BGS 9.5 and BGS 9 pop were increased though…

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@pokemonsyndicate The real issue with any PSA vs BGS argument is that what we are arguing is two third party opinions rather than looking at the card. The card appears to have scratching on the one part of the card that gets looked at the most and for that reason, I’m out. Some may not be. More power to them.
Personally, I like the 9.5 that is up just based on the color alone.
If I ran a grading service, my graders would never give a card with surface scratching a 10 out of 10. With BGS having the sub grades, I expect a stricter, more meticulous eye and yet I just get more of the same inconsistency. I’d rather buy from a pool of nice cards with a more stable value and discover a “pristine” example within my sampling. I haven’t seen a large pool of BGS cards but maybe I’ll take you up on that challenge one day and let BGS bump up the value of one or two of my cards. I have a Shadowless Venusaur that is pretty darn close to perfect.