1st Edition Charizard BGS 10 going up for AUCTION Aug18?


edit; PWCC also has lots of psa 9/10 1st edition base set cards going up as well. Another PSA 9 & 10 charizard and 10 blastoise as well. Very exciting to see these upcoming PWCC auctions. :sunglasses:


I’ll take a stab at the guess the ‘final auction price’ lottery and say $55,000 :blush:

There’s only two in the world, and BGS beats PSA in the 10 category any day. I’d feel confident putting my money down on it.

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My guesstimate will be $28.5k

I hate being the forum pessimist here but my guess is $23k

This is closer to my point. I’m not debating quality of the card, but the value they demand in the POKEMON market. I own many BGS cards myself, none are in my personal collection because of my stance on BGS. I only have them in BGS cases because of the future value I think BGS COULD provide. But untill we can get the same demand for BGS as PSA there’s no reason for me to think a BGS 10 is going to out perform a PSA 10, excluding the overly hyped cards which happens to blow up PSA 10 cards past their going rate as well.

AKA I want the market to tell the story not a bunch of hypotheticals and opinions.

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The first one sold publicly as well. @garyis2000 paid ~$13k on eBay for it when PSA 10’s were in the ~$5k range.

My estimate for this is $35-$40k. Guess to pick a single number I will say $38,000. Wouldn’t surprise me to see $50k though either.

Ill tell you why…

Gary sent in 100 psa 10 1st ed shadowless holos for crossgrade. Not a single copy came back gold label 10. Ide say 1-5% of all psa 10s in english might be worthy of a gold label, let alone a black. This is the reason nobody sends there cards to bgs period. IF you try and grade with bgs you will most likely never have a satisfying 10 collection unless your submitting pack fresh neo genesis/mass produce wizards era japanese cards that you can get your hands on heaps of mint copies or XY newback japanese era cards.
Theres a guy on instagram BGSpokemon and his been grading bgs for quite some time, and he rarely scores a 10. All of his 9.5 however would crossover to a psa 10, I have no doubt in my mind. I personally would be doing that for my collection, as 9.5 is great but psa 10 trumps it collection wise for sure! Im glad there is someone out there trying though… sigh sigh sigh

I myself have put everything into finding cards worthy for a gold label…

Did i have any luck?

FIND OUT ON THE NEXT EPISODE OF DRAGONBALL Z were ill destroy the universe, and any other BGS denialer out there. A good friend of mine once said " revolutionists are often ridiculed for their ideas "
Like Gokus father… As Ive mentioned in the last few days. I SYND am a brilliant Scientest, and right now alot of you, and previously alot of you will sit back and think this guys just a complete fruit cake on the internet like these Famous Scientists Dismissed as Morons in Their Time:

* POKESYNDS COLLECTIVE FRIEND IN THE OTHER CORNER OF BRAINERB. The guy who does things without letting synd know the tingz.

You shall see… One day BGS will take over the pokemon economy when they do these things:

* possibly make the 9.5 grade more cut and dry like as strong as a psa 9 standard!
* Make the grade pristine gold label the strength of a PSA 10 standard, so then people can actually build bgs 10 collections.
* Make the Black label the strength of what the GOLD label is now, So its pretty much impossible but atleast it will be 1-5% possible.
*** HoWEVER!
ITS VERY IMPORTANT THAT IF BGS DOES THIS, THEY HAVE EVERYTHING IN THE REGISTRY Updated to reflect the new changes by having every card being able to be sent in to have the labels changed, so that everyone that has a pristine gold label before the new world order… Those peeps get to send in there cards for reslabment to the black labelerb. Since the old gold label is now as strong as the top black label grade, according to the new tingz.

If bgseston is reading right now… You must do this, and you will see that the reason PSA gets there amount of marketshare is because there cut and dry on there standard for pokemon. They realise the average flaw, and they mention this on there website.

Its cool that BGS has this impossible grade, but why not make the 10 within the realm of possibility for collectors, and have the impossible grade above that still for crazyness.

It causes so much confusion, man… the comments i see on here about BGS are so far off. I remember I was one of these people making these comments untill i looked into it properly, and experienced it for my self first hand… never believe anything anyone tells you, including myself… Because the chances i push someone in to my realm may cause them to commity suicide… Especially if they have no patients. I myself am starting to experience trauma that is layering me with endless fields of salt. I can see exactly why people come to these conclusions with BGS and I dont blame you. However IM here to give you my experience and opinion which ive put alot of salty man hours into and recieved nothing… or did I finally crack the code… will the salt dissapear into thin air and defy all physicz.

Im feel pretty confident in saying that, THe main reason why BGS gold will earn alot more then any psa 10 copy, is because its just as hard to score a bgs 10 gold as it was for vegeta to turn into a mighty golden haired super sayijin… Lets face it, its Science. and if sciences has taught us one thing, its that women have smaller brain then men according to great physicistz like ron burgendy, and who could argue with this? THeres a reason the label is golden and psa label has silver in it.

In summary though, BGS gold label will always Our honorable president PSA 10 in value. Im pretty sure cullerbz if you have a bgs 10 zard you;d list it for 100k :nerd_face: and so would I if i was selling the copy in question… Youd have to be a retard not to. GOING by auction prices wont give you the the true potential of this card. But if you think about it. IT atleast doubled the psa 10 copies auction price back when garinson bought it. So errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, anyone who denies the potential of a gold label vS psa 10 card then there probably going to go to a place that isnt heaven. but if they go to heaven, the pokemon jesus is not gowna be happy… This is just fact by the way. Ive decided.

Ive also decided, that you will pay garinson for doing those crossoverbz… because it was then i witnessed the true fury of bgs and there undeniable greatness that led me down this quest to take over the univerb with gold label no raritanz. I hold you responsible for the tingz.

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From research and based on my own set of cards through BGS and PSA. I question sometimes on why BGS isn’t the more favorable for those who have card that is a 9, 9.5 or a 10. They are very good at distinguishing what truly should be Pristine and provide sub grades to really categorized s card making it even easier to value what the card is worth. Based on SMPrattes video on BGS there cards are accurate to there grade if it’s a 8.5, 9+ grade. Plus that 9.5 really categorizes what should be truly a flawless card instead of having one card being a strong 10 or a weak 10. It should just be this card is a 10. That’s where BGS has it’s advantage. In truth a lot of those PSA 10s if there was a 9.5 scale with psa should really be 9.5, not a 10. I have seen a lot of 9.5s even one of mine that could beat out 10s. Psa 10 is gem mint, BGS 9.5 is gem mint. Two different companies is what sets these graded values apart. It would make the market so much more enjoyable knowing if those two companies combined together or PSA started really categorizing there cards with sub grades and .5 scaling to get pin point value on cards.



Because BGS admits they grade trimmed cards if they fall within standard; that’s the main reason I won’t keep one in my personal collection, they’re not as strict on their Gem Mint-Poor grade as PSA is, their population report chart, while improving, isn’t as easy to navigate, resale is much harder, they don’t have grading specials, and PSA is the gold standard accross all card grading industires; not just in Pokemon.

Right. I Agree with all of that. What I mean is what hasnt PSA refined there grading scale to match BGS. You can always learn something from your competition and BGS has the right idea with sub grads and 9.5’s. I agree though across the board PSA has them Beat for being very good Graders and giving cards the grades they deserve based on the grade point scale that they use. Im just saying they should refine it with sub grades and 9.5 grade scale to beat out competition and really define what a card grade should be and why it got the grades it did with sub-grades which also work in defining the value of a card.

Over $30,000 guaranteed :open_mouth: :wink:

Will the results of these auctions be listed on either the PWCC website or ebay?

Both. You can see auction history on PWCC and the past three months on eBay.

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MANY have tried without success.

No, but it will be. Then I’ll have 2.


You HAVE to change your meds brother. Your minds not working.


Finally a voice of reason;)

Dang I hope you’re wrong. I just spent over 20k today and this is getting awfully expensive lol.


Another member either on drugs or on the wrong drugs. But I hope your right.

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