1999-2000 Jungle Booster Packs?

Hey guys,
I recently started collecting Sealed packs and noticed something very strange about one of my Jungle packs.
The first pack I recieved was a Wigglytuff pack, I was happy with it and didn’t really reflect on it.

Then I got my hands on Flareon and Scyther and immidiately noticed that they were different.
On closer inspection I found that the Flareon and Scyther pack had the 1999 marking on the back, as well as the rectangular WOTC logo, they also had thinner text on the front.
My Wigglytuff pack has a 1999-2000 marking on the back, a curved WOTC logo and bolder text on the front.

Then I turned to ebay to compare my packs, and found neither of these listed. The only Unlimited packs I could find on ebay had bold text on the front, and the rectangular WOTC logo on the back.

My current guess is that one of my variants are the error packs with No Set symbol?
The Second Variant is the Unlimited standard Version, which I don’t seem to own.
The Third variant is the 1999-2000 print which there seems to be no information on
And then there’s the Fourth variant with the red logo?

I would be very happy if someone could clarify this for me :grin:


Just updated with under-flap pictures :blush:

omg open the 1999-2000 jungle pack do it ahah :blush: only way to tell

It would be interesting to open, but I really want one of each pack art for my collection so that would mean I have to hunt down a new pack, if noone knows more about this I could maybe do it just for documentations’ sake :blush:

Too bad the cards aren’t dated as such, but this is a really cool find! :blush:
We should put together a pack check list!

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So the 1st variant pack does not contain no-symbol holo for sure? Do you know if all the 2nd variant packs contain no-symbol holos, or is it random?

Good idea on making a pack check list! There is also the long-top pack variation to add to the list.

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I can provide scans later of the variants I have, if needed for documentation :blush:

That would be great!!!

I have now scanned all three variants, I had an opened one that I could use for the 3rd so that’s good!
Scanned the backs with the flap turned both ways too so you can use the one you think suits best :blush:
Link to album:


Have you discovered anything else about the Belgium Jungle Booster Box? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you soo much! :blush:

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Nothing yet. As you’re aware, I paid more for it than an unlimited box. My biggest worry is the packs inside are no different & I’ll lose the premium paid by opening it. We’ll see.

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I opened my Wigglytuff pack, and as expected the cards was just like any standard Jungle cards.
I did get a holo Jolteon though, so I was very lucky :wink:


Very cool! Probably the best card you could’ve pulled in the whole set!!! :blush: It looks like more of a statement that these packs should be kept sealed. Beautiful card!

The card stock is different though. :wink: Check them carefully.

Really? Wow. That’s interesting. Would you consider it a variant or not so?

Up to the collector.

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It is by definition a variation. So the real question is: how anal-retentive are you?

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So your telling me these a difference between the normal jungle cards and these that came out of the 1999-2000 set please say no otherwise might have to be something to add to the list of things that I have to get