Variation in unlimited jungle booster pack art I noticed

How’s it going folks, so a while ago I bought 3 unlimited jungle booster packs from eBay (one of each artwork). The flareon pack art was slightly different than the other two in that: 1. The coloring is a little different, 2. The TM* next to pokemon is white instead of black, 3. The font on the back is different, and 4. The font and spacing/layout of the barcode is different. I figured maybe flareon packs were all just different until…
Months later I came into several more jungle unlimited packs, I got them from a guy in person (not off ebay) who bought out a collector card store that closed down in the mid 2000’s. Anyway all the packs I got from this second buy were alike, they were like the scyther and wigglytuff pack arts from my first buy. So the one flareon art I have is different then the 10 or 11 otger jungles I have. Anyone know anything to explain this? Print run difference, fake pack, rarest pack EVER to exist…? Anything knowledge here will be greatly appreciated! Have a great weekend everyone! P.S. I can’t figure out how to put a picture on here I took with my phone to show examples, any help tgere would be nice too haha…

Ok figured out how to post a picture–AoLcaeKa_6TdiN_Zc/view?usp=drivesdk

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Even a quick google images search will show the different coloured trade marks.
Perhaps it has to do with the no symbol print or promo Pikachu print (though I think those were first edition)
Cool find.

You can find a good guide to different Jungle booster pack variations in this previous thread:

And the 1999-2000 Made in USD jungle booster packs probably came from this booster box variation:

Yeah apparently there is several different variations, thanks for chiming in!

Those guides were super helpful, thanks a ton for sending me them! I gotta go home and look under the flaps.

There are also Australian variant jungle and fossil booster packs that have red pokemon logos, and the seal crimps vertically on the back .

Yeah I have heard of these, mine arent them, mine have your standarm yellow