Have you seen these kind of Jungle Boosters before?

Hey guys! I just bought all three artworks of the unlimited Jungle booster packs. I noticed they have the newer curved Wizards of the Coast logo on them:

But all the packs I can see on eBay (and everywhere else online) have the straight (square) logo:

Have you guys seen these kind of Jungle boosters before? Are they from a different print run? Are they fake?

I feel like I’ve searched for answers everywhere else and have come up empty-handed, so now — I turn to you.

Update: I just found two other listings for packs with the curved logo. Doesn’t tell me much other than there are others like mine out there.

WOTC changed their logo from rectangular to curved around when Jungle was printed (at least that’s my conclusion). If you look at Base set packs (i.e before Jungle) I think all have rectangular logo except the 1999-2000 print run. However, Fossil (i.e after Jungle) has only curved logo on the packs, even the 1st edition packs. Same goes for everything after Fossil

Somewhere on this forum there is an in depth guide to jungle packs and all its different varients. It’s pretty interesting! There is alot of different ones! Good luck finding it!