Base Set Booster Packs Question

Okay so I have two Base Set booster packs with the Charizard cover art, but they are different. One is a lot darker than the other and has skinnier font.
Is there any important difference between the two? Why did this occur?

Here’s a picture:

EDIT ~ Also, notice how on the second pack, Charizard’s mouth and the first 1 in 11 is wrapped around the edge. Do you think this could be considered a misprint for packs → a pack error :open_mouth:


Haha sorry, fixed it :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, packaging is more prone to mistakes because it doesn’t matter as much.
These were probably printed in a different time.
I don’t think a packaging error is worth any money. :stuck_out_tongue:
Unless it was on a booster box and really significant.

No, the packs on the right are from a later print run from what I can gather. I have sets of both :blush:

So the pack on the right (the lighter one) could be a Print Run 8 pack (as in it contains 1999-2000 cards)?

all the 1999-2000 packs ive seen come in packs like that, but only way to tell is to open it. Its also more likely to be 1999-2000 if it has a ‘distributed by hasbro’ sticker on the back from my experience

EDIT: on topic though, there IS an actual pack error though. A small batch of unlimited boosters were accidentaly stamped with a 1st edition stamp, meaning that a ‘1st edition’ pack had unlimited cards in. They caught most of the errors and covered the stamp on the pack with a black triangle, however Ive been told you can still get the packs without triangles (though they are incredibly hard to find, any truth to this?) they dont hold that much extra value though (the triangle packs at least)

The seal looks different on the 1999-2000 packs, it’s the same type of seal as the 1st ed base packs and shadowless packs. The seal itself is about twice as thick on the top and the bottom.

ah thanks for that! I didnt know that :blush:

No problem! :blush: and yes you are correct about the Hasbro sticker, that indicated that the pack is most likely 1999-2000

And also yes you can find the error packs with the triangle missing, they’ve been selling on eBay for about $90 or so. I had one years ago and opened it and the cards are just regular unlimited inside

Thanks for the info guys (and girls :stuck_out_tongue:)

The triangle ones are on Ebay? I can’t seem to find them

The triangle packs haven’t popped up in a while, here’s one of the error ones that ended

Oh, coolio.

So I found someone selling print run 4 packs:

If you look, the easiest way to tell if it is a 1999-2000 pack is too look on the back at the printed date. It’ll say 1999-2000 :stuck_out_tongue:

As cbd said, the seal is different. On the silver part, the lines are a lot longer.

Also, it seems like the words on the front are thick and not skinny.

Another tell-tale sign is also that white Nintendo logo on the back

The white circle that says “Official Nintendo Licensed Product”?
Are you sure? All my WoTC Packs have that…

The logo is different on the 1999-2000 packs. It looks like a white globe whereas it is usually a plain oval that says official Nintendo licensed product.

The white logo is the international Nintendo logo. You can see the difference easily by looking at a North American sealed Ancient Mew and a UK sealed version. :blush: