1999 - 2000 U.K Base Set

I recently acquired an open U.K base set booster box. I decided to open a pack tonight and found that the cards inside seemed much lighter in color and vibrance compared the normal US print runs. I have never handled any of the U.K base cards before so I am wondering if anyone else has and if they too noticed much lighter cards. The caterpie especially seems very light. The cards on the left are the U.K variant. Any information is appreciated.

By the 4th print the cost of ink was going up so they had Tone it down.
I’ll be here all night~

Honestly I have no idea. There’s some lighter/darker Shadowless base sets as well. I always thought that was just a inconsistency of production.

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Haha…just found it interesting. Guess we will never really know for sure.

They’re all printed that way, yours aren’t any different than the vast majority.


Are you referring to all 1999-2000 U.K base cards?

The 4th prints,for whatever reason,were all consistently printed with a lighter tone.


Are you going to be opening the whole box? curious if any of your holos are 1999-2000 dated

I just opened 1 random pack and it did not have a holo. I am not going to be opening anymore, I will be selling the rest.

You could weigh some packs just as a test for one holo and as not waste them I guess. Is there one dated UK release that’s quite rare, I can’t remember?

The UK charizards are going for quite a bit graded

need mewtwo of this set in mint or graded 9 10 but lucky check to see weather the holos are 1999-2000 wizards :blush:

That’s the topic of discussion isn’t it. :wink:

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I can confirm, all my 1999-2000s are lighter too…

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Decided to open a few more packs and pulled a holo from one. It did not have the 1999-2000 at the bottom like the other cards.


Even in the UK the 1999-2000 holos are pretty hard to find. I think they’re even rarer than shadowless and 1st edition holos.


What does the box look like??

Pretty similar to a normal base box. Only difference is the wizards logo is curved. Also the official Nintendo seal is different as it is the international version. Other than that the bottom shows made in UK.

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Ah remember now the 1999-2000’s is a rarer short run, and even if you get a booster box it is hard to get 1999-2000 holos as a lot of 1999 printed holos made there way into these packs… I saw some opening videos with individual packs where some were 1999-2000 holos and some not, but idk if thats anything to go by as the boxes seemed to be sometimes all 1999… I saw another post about this being the printing in Poland as the cards sold in Poland where from the 1999-2000 English set, the packs have that made in the UK sticker, funnily enough looking on the polish ebay there are a couple of base set holos that are 1999-2000 haha just not really enough good value to buy for that.


though here it mentions 1999 print run so maybe just some are and it’s more common here as they only sold them from then and they’ll also be in the uk… idk bro

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It’s good value if you live in Poland.

hay man u think u could get me some mint 4th print holo mewtwo?