US released Jungle & Base Set 1999-2000

So I got a bit of info that these old WotC Pokemon multipacks contain late releases of Jungle and Base set with the 1999-2000 dates on the backs of the packs. I wanted to post this to perhaps shine some light on the topic and see if others have found the same.

Info I have so far is that US released Jungle and Base packs are commonly found in these “Wanna Play?” (c) 2002 WotC multipacks. After hearing this I checked the one I have and the Jungle pack does in fact have the 1999-2000 date on the back. A friend of mine has one with a Jungle & Base set pack in it and with the way it’s glued down he can’t tell if it also has the 1999-2000 date or not.

My 3-pack with the Jungle 1999-2000 booster:

Buddies pack with the Jungle and Base booster (WotC logos on both packs are curved however dates unknown due to be glued down):

This info has brought a few items to my attention and I speculate the following:

  • US released 1999-2000 Jungle and Base packs exist and were sold in the US.
  • US Base 4th edition 1999-2000 packs have short crimps and do not contain 1999-2000 holos.
  • UK Base 4th edition 1999-2000 packs have long crimps and can contain 1999-2000 holos (but not guaranteed).
  • Australian Jungle 1999-2000 packs have long crimps and the orange logo. No cards have the date change.
  • All packs that have the 1999-2000 date also have the curved Wizards logo on the back and vice versa.

Just curious what if what I speculate may in fact be true. Perhaps hashing out this info will give us a bit more insight on what triggers to look for on these late release packs and their origins.

Few things that could use some more info:

  • Anyone open a Base 1999-2000 pack with short crimps that did contained 1999-2000 holo(s)?
  • Anyone open a UK Base 1999-2000 pack with long crimps that did not contain a 1999-2000 holo(s)? (multiple sources report you can get (c) 1999 holos from these packs)
  • Anyone see any Base/ Jungle (or even Fossil) packs with the curved WotC logo and not have the 1999-2000 date?
  • Do the US Base or Jungle 1999-2000 print booster boxes display the 1999-2000 date on them? Australian Fossil 3rd Print do: UK Based Base and Jungle do:
  • Were “Made in the USA” 1999-2000 Print Boxes ever released in the US?
  • Do the Australian 1999-2000 base packs have long or short crimp?

Thanks for reading!


‘Anyone open a UK Base 1999-2000 pack with long crimps that did not contain a 1999-2000 holo(s)?’

yes recently opened a few packs with long crimp, pulled a 1999-2000 dated Charizard, and a 1999 dated Clefairy.

With 1999-2000 UK Base set there are no guarantees that the holo will be 1999-2000 dated, even if you open a box and the first pack contains a 1999-2000 dated holo, the next pack could contain a regular 1999 holo


Nice info, as above with Ace I opened packs from the same source, however all my holos were 1999-2000.

Would be cool to see some 1999-2000 Jungle cards emerge!


Thanks guys, that what I thought but good to have others to back it up.

Is there a US Base Set booster box with the 1999-2000 date? I’ve seen a US 1999-2000 booster box opening but it had the 1999 date on the box.

That’s a good question. Only piece I have is a Fossil 3rd Print box and it does in fact have the 1999-2000 date stamp on it:

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Both Jungle and UK Base Set have 1999-2000 booster boxes as well. It’s just the US Base Set 1999-2000 I’m not sure about.

True that. This is a “Made in the UK” box with the International Nintendo stamp, Curved WotC logo and the 1999-2000 date:

And here’s the Jungle 1999-2000 booster box.


And this is a “Made in Australia” base box. Curved Wizards logo, International Nintendo Stamp and 1999-2000 date:


Cool! I had no idea there was an Australian Base Set booster box as well.

It makes me wonder why a lot of people still refer to the 1999-2000 print as the “UK print” lol.

Yeah, surprised me as well. Wonder if they were printed with the glossier stock like the Fossil cards… more mystery, more intrigue!

Good points above

Of the sets that started in 1999:
US 1 country code Base with Blue Winged Charizard that has US 1999-2000 packs inside, but the box has 1999 date.
Australian Base 1999-2000
UK Base 1999-2000
Red Logo Jungle 1999-2000
Belgian Jungle (No Red Logo, but curved Wizards) 1999-2000
Red Logo Fossil 1999-2000

I have all of these, except the Red Logo Jungle & Blue Winged Zard boxes. As far as we know the cards in Red Logo Jungle are the same as Unlimited Jungle. There was never an urge to buy it since I prefer the cards over boxes.

Thanks for the info! Do you know if this box has the updated WotC logo or any variance in the verbiage on the back?

It does NOT have curved logos.

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I don’t have any of these booster packs, so I can’t say anything about it. Awesome post btw!

But regarding this:

The Australian Jungle cards also have semi-glossy backs. It’s barely noticable on pictures, but when you have both cards next to each other in good lighting you can clearly see that the Australian are glossier than the regular English/UK/other.

Here is a picture with an Australian Jungle Pikachu at the left, and regular Jungle Pikachu at the right. You can clearly see the LED-lights of my flashlight on the Australian one - an indication they are more reflective, while it’s just a light-blur on the regular one.
As I said, it’s not very easy to take pictures of, but they are definitely printed on different paper.

And I would love to find some ©1999-2000 Jungle cards (Pikachu specifically of course), just like we have with Base and Fossil. :blush:


Good info @quuador !

I had heard that the late/ Australian print 1999-2000 Jungle cards were glossy like the Fossil ones. It appears to be true based on your info. Wonder if the Australian printed Base 4th cards share the same card stock…

I do know on the Fossil cards it was a lot easier to see the gloss difference on the backs of the cards. Here was one shot I took of them:

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Do the Australian 1999-2000 base packs have long or short crimp?

Good question, I haven’t seen a pack or opened box. I only have photos of the box.

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so even if the box has 1999-2000 on it. It is not guaranteed that the packs are 1999-2000 4th print?