YouTube 'Follow my Progress' style videos

Today I had an epiphany,

we all have our favorite pack opening and psa grading channels to watch, but I feel there is a lack of content following a collectors narrative of their collection progress…looking at deals, missed opportunities, trading prospects, purchases, pulls the whole shebang! Ultimately with a wrap up of “here’s what we achieved this week/month” etc.

Are there channels for this type of content that I should be watching and if not, would it be something you’d find interesting to watch?

-Joe from OmniPoke


Cant say ive ever personally come across a channel which does such content, but id be really interested in it myself. I feel there are many variants of collectors content with pack openings, psa returns, new set unboxings etc etc, but having more personalization to this mix would be great to see. I know Smpratte does a lot of the knowledge based videos, as well as his awesome q&a ones which sometimes get to addressing some of these things (such as questions about bigger deals and purchases and whatnot) but having maybe a specific monthly segment regarding all these topics would be a great addition to sort of break that youber/viewer barrier and add a more personal one to one element to it due to the added transparency.

Overall i think its a great idea and id be open to seeing this through you if you plan to go that route!

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Smpratte is my fav pack opening poketuber, tho he hypes the HyperRares way too much.


Pshhh I know, right? Made me go broke buying every black label hidden fates zard, but dont worry because ima be rich from them one day like he said.

Until then you can find me on the corner of Broadway and 3rd ave east side in my cardboard box fort. Feel free to stop by :blush:



Take a look at ZandGEmporium.


I recommend also

I love me some ZandG!

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MINE! XD I have been recording everything i have been getting lately and hope to keep this format going. Right now looking at uploading a video every thursday and then a recap of the week on saturdays.

GemMintPokemon’s youtube channel is pretty much exactly what you’d be looking for. He has a huge variety of goals he has accomplished and a great many others still in progress.


My favorite pack openers are “Leonhart” & “Rhymestyle Pokemon”

@pokesoup 's youtube channel is also like this in my opinion. I always watch his (and @gemmintpokemon 's) youtube videos when they come out.

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Thanks. Infrequent updates, yet fun to share progress nevertheless.


Still waiting for that Worlds video :wink:


Started collecting a few months ago and a lot of my experiences are still very fresh in memory. Maybe I should consider something like this… lol