Pokemon TCG Collectors & E4 Members on Youtube/Instagram


Probably the reason I got back into collecting was because someone on another unrelated forum posted a video of, I think it was PrimetimePokemon opening a base set booster box (that person cost me a lot of money!). I then first saw videos about grading I think from gemmintpokemon after dealing with him on eBay and from there I just found new channels from the people who commented on his videos etc.

I thought it would be a good idea to have a comprehensive list of Pokemon card related channels, specifically collectors, graders & booster box/pack openings (i.e. not exclusively competitive play).

The following Youtube channels all generally contain some or all of the following; booster pack openings, booster box openings, PSA submissions, PSA collections, ungraded collections, buying/selling/trading and some other Pokemon related content.

Youtube Channel E4 User Instagram
- @areestee areestee
- @dipzy gem_mint_10
- @dragontype tashv48
- @espeon1993 jamiejones093
- @jkuo jkuomd
@missingno missing_number
- @martincollects martincollects
- @minorkey minorkeyjazz
- @ozenigma oz.enigma
- @ljgenco12 PokeConnect
- @zhongwen PokemonChina
- @pokemoncollector7 pokemoncollector7
- @pokemonsyndicate pokemonsyndicate
- @pottsinator Rayquazatcg
- @regigigagod regigigagod
- @reinasierpe reina.sierpe
- @robbiegrass pokerobbie
- @salmoncannon snowbellecity
- @sizzlinshibe sizzlinshibe
- @swolepoke pokemongymfreak
- @unhallowed unhallowed_gengar
- @xuzu the_majestic_entei
- @zenard gyarayquaza
Azul Ryu @azulryu -
BlastoiseRules1 @blastoiserules1 -
CrackRokMcCaib - -
Fourthstartcg @fourthstartcg fourthstartcg
Gem Mint Pokemon @gemmintpokemon -
giovannismew @giovannismew giovannismew
Graded Groudon @cljdavis GradedGroudon
Hisoka107 @hisoka107 -
iamnotlame @iamnotlame -
JordanJapanNintendoFan - -
LiMeh @limeh -
LudkinsCollectables - -
OneFiftyOneTCG - -
Pokemon Classics @butchdawg32 Pokemon Classics
Tuncay AVCI (Turkish) @pokearsiv -
PokemonTraderBrad - -
Pokemonmaster556 - -
PokemonPSACollector 12 - -
PrimetimePokemon - -
Rayquaza TCG - -
Shining Karp Karp @shiningkarpkarp -
Silversnorlax204 - -
SkulShurtugalTCG - -
The Charizard Authority @thecharizardauthorty -
TheCatsMeowth @thecatsmeowth -
ThePokeCapital - -
Thor Gene @thorgene th0rgene
TimLPokemon - -
Trainer TV - -
UnlistedLeaf - -
Venusaur’s Jungle @richiel1991 -
wakeruncollapse - -
WaterAndGrass - -
xGav1337x @xgav1337x

If you’re on the list and don’t mind your E4 username being put on there, could you please let me know so I can add it. Equally if you want your channel removed or changed, or an Instagram account added, please let me know! Going to add some E4 names that are the same as the channel as it’s pretty obvious who they are. :grin:

Feel free to post more channels into the thread and I’ll add them when I can, and any suggestions for the thread. Thanks.


Sweet, I have to get ready for work - will work on adding them in the morning!

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Another great one is wakeruncollapse. He’s a good guy, too. :blush:


Yup, I’m on YouTube! Feel free to post my channel and UPCCC name. And don’t forget Thorgene either!

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A lot of new subscriptions for me I think!!


UnlistedLeaf before he films a video…


LMAO, I was seriously about to post he was always on Red Bull or something. Guess I wasn’t the only that felt this way, but it definitely adds a unique layer to his vids… At least it does for me. The other PokeTubers are great too, just in a more normal way lol.

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Here is my channel URL:youtube.com/channel/UCdZ9Ig0tz-JnOjlM8dsYexQ/featured

I guess my description would be WOTC/Topps Pokemon Collection videos… or maybe it should be “Has a knack for pulling Venusaurs from sealed packs” lmao

I do instagram too, Im starting to enjoy that more than youtube tbh. Some people take some amazing photos

This is an awesome guide, I love it! I like yourself fell back into the hobby when I was working my first IT job late at night and was youtubing a bunch of videos out of sheer boredom. I believe the first person I stumbled upon was Silversnorlax204. I’ve since made new friends who helped my collection out like @smpratte @gemmintpokemon @pokemonmaster556 and haven’t regretted it since!

ps I’m STOKED I made the list. XD


Before I update the list, anyone got any ideas regarding the order? I was pretty happy to just add them to the bottom, but if there is more demand for alphabetical or something better then please speak now or forever hold your peace!

Put mine first since it’s the best and IM the best.
Go me.

LOL. Jk i suck xD

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alphabetically would be nicer for the eye, but more effort im assuming

Man, I remember my Youtube days. Kinda want to kick that up again sometime soon

Only a small one to rearrange the current list, not to add more. Probably will be best if I do it in order then.

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Updated OP. Got rid of the description as I wrote all of them down and most of them were the same. We all know what kind of videos they are already! I also added Instagram as it seems quite popular and it’s pretty cool imo.

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Just started watching a few of his videos tonight, for someone so hyper he actually isn’t annoying in the slightest which is surprising, probably why he has so many subscribers.

Also I was wondering it seems that there’s a lot of collectors on Instagram only perhaps? Could add them to the list if anyone wants to suggest a few.

Let’s have some more Instagrams guys! I just joined and need some people to follow. :grin:

Need a link mate ;]

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Just joined Instagram; oz.enigma

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Not instagram, but these guys have an awesome YouTube account:

Trainer TV


They do pokemon league vlogs, I love how they get everyone there involved in the videos, great community they have going out there in Colorado !

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