Your favourite Pokémon Prize Card ? English and Japanese 🙌

What is your top favourite card that is considered a prize card ? Maybe it’s a snap contest card ? An Art Academy winner ? A point prize card perhaps ? Those are just a few categories in the prize card pool lol

I think some already know mine but if you need a reminder , my top prize card , my goal and trophy / grail :

Don’t let mine get in the way if it’s yours too ! Perhaps sir Pratte would agree with me on this one :eyes: lol

Look forward too reading the communities choices :partying_face::raised_hands:


As everyone in patreon knows, I’m terrible at choosing a favorite! :melting_face:

But if I had to choose it would be the first trophy/prize card I purchased, The original 1999 Tropical Wind!

This card has so many layers: Only awarded in Japan at major tournaments during the golden era of pokemon. Iconic exclusive artwork that ties into its release! Also the concept is still echoed today for current worlds promos, with psyduck relaxing less each year, maybe it’s an analogy for life! :sweat_smile: And of course it’s very rare! Tropical Wind completely encapsulates what collecting pokemon is all about! :desert_island:


It’s so beautiful! Super iconic

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I always have to go with this Pichu design card just for the Cyndaquil and rarity factor.
A bit punishing for species collectors as it also contains Piplup, Mew, Celebi, Arceus, Diglett, Oddish, Electrode, Butterfree, Magnemite, and Drifloon.
Interesting how this one seems to be one of the ones from the contest that comes up the least. Who knows how I would treat my cards as a 5 year old :sweat_smile:


Love this card ! It’s art is beautiful

the rarest trophy of them all

not actually my favorite. not sure what i’d pick. there are so many random cars that were awarded for participation in random events during the adv-pcg era. i’d probably pick one of those

but for the sake of having an answer right here right now, i’ll be a simp and say PLAY Umbreon Star


The Gyarados Battle Promo provided to participants of the 2-day event in honor of Pokemon Center HIroshima. Features both Magikarp, Gyarados, and a Fisherman (harkens back to Shining Gyarados from Neo) and also has the Hiroshima PC logo which features Red Gyarados and Pikachu. It is the only TCG card so far to feature both Red and Blue versions of Gyarados.

Along that would be the New Year Present Fan Club Promo provided to Pokemon Club members featuring Dragon Pokemon from the original 151 with artwork by Komiya. Gyarados is featured as the primary highlight using Hyper Beam in celebration of the new millennium - 2000 - which also turns out to be the Year of the Dragon.


I forgot to ask , do you know the estimated amount printed ? Do you think less than the scroll ? Pokumon says they have around 586 which to me sounds a lot for this card !

The one Umbreon many can’t have but love :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear:

I recall seeing the jumbo card of this in one of sir Prattes videos , truly a great piece of art and I’m hoping too one day have a no rarity gyrados like you mate :raised_hands::raised_hands: your collection is awesome !

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That’s always been the number I’ve seen!


I am firmly of the belief that lottery promos are prize/trophy cards. In that vein…


There are so many good ones, but for me its this


Umbreon PLAY no competition


Champion league is going to fall straight up in the trophy category rather than prize card. Beautiful card

Meh, I understand the difference but I lump prize and trophy together anyway :slight_smile:

GOALS …… I would love to see one on display in person , I have read it’s holo is beautiful in person

That’s a beautiful trophy / prize card ! I saw one being auctioned off not too long ago so looked it up !

I really enjoy the prize / trophy cards that don’t always have actual Pokémon in the art but other Pokémon references like the energy symbols :raised_hands:

The Dialga and Palkia in this one though look epic !

Those are beauts , I’m loving holo effect