Your Favourite Trophy & Prize Cards

Just thought it might be cool to see the preference of other members’ trophy and prize cards!

Personally, I really take to the SSB and Neo Battle Road trophy cards, as well as the trophy Khan :blush:

Choosing one is difficult! Right now it’s the TMB Lucky Stadium.

I always liked this card but I graded my own in PSA 10 within the last month, and so for this reason, the others in my collection are taking the backseats for now.

I can’t think of a bad trophy/prize card off the top of my head, most of them hold great sentiment and historical value, even the ‘lower-end’ ones.

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A good thread is a thread with pictures.


I think it goes without saying the original trophy pikachus and illustrator as they started it all and I love the old school art. Second to that is the kangaskhan.

Trophy Kang all the way :blush:

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Stadium Metang, Stadium Deoxys, and Kraze Skitty :stuck_out_tongue:


I would have never guessed! Why do you even like that card? The colors aren’t vibrant and ken Sugimori can’t draw :stuck_out_tongue:

I concur, it’s ugly. That’s why prochaos needs to reply to me on Instagram and settle on a deal with me for it!

Fan Club Porygon, old japanese promos are the best


My favourites are the TMB trophy cards. I also like alot of the diamond and pearl era Japanese trophies quite a bit.

i agree: the DP era had so many amazing trophy cards: Miracle Diamond, Mysterious Pearl and Wonder Platinum and of course the 2007 Champions League. All 4 are very beautiful.

The most beautiful cards of all time however are the 1997/98 trophy pikachus. There is no card that can compete with these.

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All of these:


Y’all saw this coming :wink:



Uni karp and Fan Club by Simon, on Flickr


That Zapdos is the best one that will ever exist… still so insanely jealous of this amazing set. Enjoy them for a long time to come!

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