Best Artwork!?!

Which card in your opinion has the BEST Artwork?

My vote has to go in for Trophy Kangaskhan. From the colours to the Ken Sugimori artwork it just seems perfect to me.

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I’ll just list a few that come to mind immediately:

Vending Series 2 Dewgong
Dragon Frontiers Dewgong delta
Supreme Victors Dewgong
Legends Awakened Dragonite
Base Set Dragonair
Next Destinies Panpour
Next Destinies Raichu
Undaunted Togekiss
Legend Maker Omanyte
Koga’s Tangela

I love Falkner’s Pidgeot (VS, 001/141). The colours are breathtakingly beautiful and they complement each other nicely – the vibrancy is stunning. The artwork’s composition is unique, and the angle is captivating.

Also, birds = :heart:

Yes the VS cards have very *Unique* Illustrations. I have to say my favorite Illustration is probably the Eevee GET. Just the older holos are crazy beautiful. Arcanine From Neo Destiny/Neo4 is also amazing.

I think I probably speak for most in saying that the early Japanese promo cards have some of the best artwork out there. It is always difficult for me to decide which is the best since I appreciate just about every cards art, but those old 1997-2001 japanese promos are probably at the top of the list.

Any old Ken Sugimori illustration is also quality. I think he is majority of the reason that the trophy khan and university magikarp are so enticing. The Pika trophy cards are also very iconic. If you look back at the old illustrations of pikachu from 1996-98 there is a massive difference from the new thinner pikachu today.

Well you certainly spoke for me smpratte. Absolutely agree with every word you said. It is for those reasons that I want to collect all of those cards. PS miss the old pudgy Pikachu!

I’d have to say Lilypad Mew, mostly because despite having much rarer cards in my collection, the original JR card was my Holy Grail for the longest time. Plus it’s adorable :heart_eyes:

I also love the Grand Party trainer card.

I love that card, you can not beat the artwork on the older promo cards. My two favorites were the original birthday pikachu (that was my holy grail :blush:) and the Neo 3 shinning gyarados - that guy in the boat is screwed :stuck_out_tongue:

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I feel sorry for the guy in the boat. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’d like to own a Japanese Birthday Pika (I was watching one on E-bay recently that was still sealed, come to think of it) but it’s one of those things I never got around to.

I was delighted to get Grand Party as cheap as I did though ^^

I love soo many of the artworks on cards. too many to choose. But a few off my list is for sure the gold star cards.

My favorite set ever is TEAM ROCKET. Love every artwork on those cards :wink:

Heres a few examples of some of the ones i like best that i own…

I love those triple star shining cards from Neo 4… The Celebi but also Mewtwo look amazing… I love how this was the first time they made some special holo cards :blush:

The Japanese Gold star cards are always photogenic. I have never seen a bad picture of them.

Billingual Exeggutor for me. I remember as a kid when I first saw that card I just had to have it. It was both mysterious and weird. Once I finally got my hands it, I’ve always kept it on my computer desk. It feels so relaxing to look at it.

I love the artwork on that one too! I just had to have it :blush:

I know that i might get some hate for this, but there’s no way that the No. 1/2/3 trainers have the best artwork. They’re boring; a trophy with a single colored backroud. K

Boring/exciting does not equal bad/good. The old pika trophies are iconic because they are such great early illustrations of pikachu. They scream that 90’s pikachu look and are just downright cute.

The artwork on the trophy cards I would argue have a more prestigious look to them since they are given out in a prestigious manner. I have friends that know nothing about pokemon and when they see the pictures of the No. 1,2,3 pika’s they always compliment them. Sometimes simplicity can go a lot further. Ken Sugimori really embraces that perspective in his work and he is probably the most renowned illustrator in pokemon.

Something that may also be a factor is that the availability of the card may persuade people to feel more positive about the illustration. I still think that there is definitely a general opinion that certain cards are made to look better than others. The Gold star promo’s as well as many japanese promo’s are a great example.

I personally love the No. 1-3 trainer’s images.
Just the holo really… amaze me.

I’ve come to really like the artwork on the full art version of Mewtwo EX.

WB creator cards are really cool.