Favorite Card Art!

I’ve always been a big fan of the artwork presented on pokemon cards above any other tcg. My personal favorite artists are Himeno, Kizuki, and of course Sugimori. Gotta say though, Kizuki takes the cake for my favorite art with this guy vvv

Goop Gas Attack!!

I’m interested to hear and see what artwork you guys all enjoy!! Please post!

Ken Sugimori - Absolute favourite :blush:

Kagemaru Himeno
Kanaka Eo
Kouki Saitou

These are me four favorite art designs. They’re each unique and so pleasing to look at.

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I know you love that CD Blastoise, cheesypoof999! :blush:



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Almost every arwork that was designed by either Ken Sugimori, Mitsuhiro Arita, Kagemaru Himeno or Hironobu Yoshida. These guys are geniuses, and they did an incredible job by converting the idea of pocket monsters into graphic account. What I appreciate most is when illustrations tell a story and not just picture the Pokemon with some random unrelated background. I don’t have one favorite card art so here are a few that I like best…

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This is definitely one of my personal favorites.

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Very nice choice Charlie!
I adore that card to bits and pieces! I have one I’m contemplating grading as I think it’ll get a PSA 10.
I also have another one on the way :slight_smile:

Favourites off the top of my head:

I particularly love Ayo Kusube’s work (ala Caterpie above). And should be noted that the Slowpoke above is one of a few all-time favourites for me.

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My obvious favorites are Mitsuhiro Arita (huge fan) and Ken Sugimori.

@faiarrow already posted some of my favorites but I also love this guy:


That is one sweeeeet card. Damn I’ve gotta get me one of those :wink:

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I don’t know how to paste photos, together but my 5 fave artworks off the top of my head- are:

sunset mew
neo holo ho-oh (that 1st holo ho-oh)
base set charizard
pink bedroom raichu (Japanese promo)
shaymii land form (holo from stormfront set - though it looks better with the Japanese glacidea flower as set symbol)

Definetly the slowpoke! Its in my pile of favorite cards on my nightstand :blush:

^ I don’t know what it is about that silly Slowpoke, but the card just does it for me on so many levels. The colours and design are perfect! The orange and purple were meant for each other, and the pink and yellow added in there just bring it all together. Oh and did I say Sugimori stock art :wink:

^^ when i think of what a pokemon card should look like, this slowpoke is it. and maybe the parent/child kangaskhan as well :blush:

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What did it for me is that it was one of the secret rare cards in the Gameboy TCG game, as silly as it sounds it’s what drew me into liking this card more than it shoudl’ve.

@hapycakeoven, I heard you liked this odd card :wink:


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AWESOME!! i just bid on it :stuck_out_tongue: