xzini's collection | Lots of new stuff

I thought it would be nice to create a thread for my collection too and add some images when I get some new stuff. Here is what I’ve got so far. :blush:

First, my PSA graded cards. I don’t have a lot of them, just 8 at the moment. But it’s a start :blush: I’ve bought all of them, I haven’t sent anything to PSA myself yet but would definitely like to do so in the future if I can find a service that I can afford. With PSA cards I’m going for Salamences and my other favorite Pokemon, and also cards with art work that I adore if I find something for a good price.

Latias ex from Ex Dragon, PSA 9. I’ve loved this card since I saw it for the first time and I remember always trying to trade one for myself from one of my friends haha :grin: I think the Latias on the artwork is cute and as Latias is one of my fave pokemon and I found a good deal for it, I had to buy it.

Next up, Salamence ex from Ex Deoxys, PSA 8. I wanted this card in a PSA case and I really couldn’t find a 9 anywhere. I just went for a PSA 8 then, even for 8 this cards for surprisingly high price. Probably won’t be able to afford a 10 if I ever come by one. This is definitely my favorite of all the 3 old school Salamence ex cards that there are. Love that dark / red-ish background.

Ex Delta Species Salamence, PSA 9. Love that holo in it and it came out quite nicely on the photo too :3

Next up gem mint japanese Latias & Latios cuteness & coolness. These ones and the card I’m going to post next might be quite familiar for @nauticads :grin: Thanks for the great deals ^^ As the Latios’ artwork is made by Masakazu Fukuda, I have to say that this guy probably is my favorite from all the Pokemon TCG artists, I love every artwork that he has made and his style is so easy to spot.

Salamence ex Power Keepers, mint 9 and this was also the very first PSA-graded card that I bought.

Salamence LV.X PSA 9, in general this Salamence is not my favorite from the LV.X cards but hey, it’s still a Salamence and I found it for quite a cheap price so why not? :blush:

And lastly from PSA cards, gem mint V Jump Magazine Salamence. I was thinking about buying the sealed package where this card comes from but then I saw an auction going on for this and I won it, for cheaper than what the sealed package would have cost so I’m really happy with this purchase. I just love the holo pattern on this.

And now, some photos of my Salamence binder collection. I think I have all the English variants of Salamences, but if there’s something that I’m missing please point out! :grin:

There you go :blush: I bought 2 more PSA graded Salamences recently and I’m expecting them to arrive in the end of this week or in the beginning of next week so I’m quite excited


Love that V Jump Promo.


Never seen McDonalds Latias+Latios and Salamence ex before… :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness great start, keep up it. Regarding the grading by yourself: @smpratte just launched his forum grading service, trustworthy way to “test the waters”. :wink:


The Lady has fine taste! cant go wrong with DRAGONS!


Awesome collection, Salamence has some cool art

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Excellent collection. To be honest, Salamence is one of my least favorite dragon types but some of this art is beautiful!

So why Salamence? I’m curious. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks to you all :grin: So nice to read these comments :blush:

@nauticads I might consider that service, sounds quite reasonable to me. Just gotta choose the cards I want to send in

@dragontype I know right? :grin:

@azulryu I’m not sure to be honest, I just fell in love with this Pokemon back in the days when gen 3 was new. I saw the artworks from Ex Dragon and fell in love with it straight away and loved it on the video games too. I used to collect both Charizards and Salamences years ago but I gave up with Charizards because you know, the price of the cards is sooo high as there are so many Charizard fans out there. Salamence is quite easy that way, not that I’d like to have an easy collection but I know I can actually make the goal to get all the variants from it :blush: (But I have to admit, I still regret selling my Charizard ex FRLG and Charizard gold star years ago D: )

Just waiting for modern Salamence EX / M Salamence EX to come out at some point. And full arts ofc! *-*


Sweet collection! Reminds me a lot of my collection when I first started collecting again :blush: Salamence is one of my favorite Pokemon too, my favorite card ever printed is the Salamence ex Delta Species from Dragon Frontiers.


Great shot of the delta species!!!

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Awesome Salamance collection. That V Jump Promo is just too cool. Keep it up!

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Soooo folks, remember when I said I was expecting to get some additions to my collection soon? Well, I received some mail today :blush:

I’m really happy that I bought these, both of them look stunning and the artwork on the Winner Promo Salamence is probably my favorite Salamence artwork :blush: The original card from Ex Dragon is not a holo so I always thought I’d be much cooler if it was a holo so it’s great that those Winner Promos exist. It’s also good to compare that Promo with the ones that I own because now I know that mine would probably just be 8’s if graded compared to this one. Ah and those Delta Species holo cards in japanese, wow. They are so pretty I might consider getting more of them if I find them for a good price.

And the additions have been approved by someone fluffy :wink:

And these cards weren’t the only things I got from mail today, I also received some holo cards from XY-sets to complete my japanese full sets, big thanks to @pokemontrader :grin: The delivery was also super quick which was a big positive surprise for me :blush:


Love the winner card too - neat artwork and winner/promo cards are always fun to get (: Nice additions!


I only wanted to make an update when I receive everything I’ve bought recently, but I just didn’t want to wait for longer. I’m going to post some recent pick ups and pulls, and also show a card that I’ve had for some time already.

I expect to make another update next week as I’m waiting for my Pokekyun box to arrive. There are a few singles and one PSA graded card to come too! Hopefully I can get them all next week. But, here is what I have for you today. Nothing super uber special but I wanted to show them anyway.

Trade & Ebay pick ups:

I love the artwork on this card so much! The background is what really makes the card, too. I picked is up as it was listed as mint on Ebay and it is really, though there is a very small nick on the top of the card. Still I’m thinking about sending it to PSA anyways when I finally make my first send off.

Another Ebay pick up, majestic Xerneas. This is probably my favorite art work from all the normal EX cards so far. Prettiest EX promo at least *-* I have the English version too and picked this japanese one thinking for grading purposes. Definitely expecting a 10 for this. It’s funny how I’m already planning my send off when I actually don’t have any idea when I’m going to do so xD There was one of these for sale on Ebay as a PSA 10 and I had it on my watch list but somebody bought it before me unfortunately.

A recent trade pick up, loving the vibrance and texture on this card.

BREAKPoint pulls:

I received my 12 BREAKPoint boosters today and this is what I got. I actually pulled the Darkrai EX and Trevenant BREAK from same booster pack! That was the first time it happened to me. I was hoping to pull normal or FA version of Ho-Oh but didn’t get them unfortunately. In general I’m happy with the pulls, 3 ultra rares and 3 rareholos from 12 packs.

Older member that is going to be sent to PSA one day

This guy is quite special for me as a good friend of mine was in Japan as a exchange student when those Pokemon Center Anniversary boxes came out. I was thinking about asking my friend to pick one of those up for me, but in the end I didn’t ask her as I didn’t want to bother her. But, when she came back to Finland and gave me the stuff she had bought for me, one of the things was that Anniversary box! It was like she had read my thoughts or something :grin: I really love how the card looks like, really beautiful and shiny. It deserves to be cased :blush:


Love the new additions, and the story behind the Pikachu is neat (:


Thank you! Nice that you liked them :blush:

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I have an update! Yaay! Some japanese full arts this time :blush:

Shiny Primal Groudon EX to make a friend with the Shiny M Rayquaza EX which I already have. Thinking if I should pick up the Kyogre too to have the full trio, even though I don’t like Kyogre as much as I like Rayquaza & Groudon but the shiny art work on that one is amazing too.

The vibrant Mega Ampharos EX Full Art. Ampharos is one of my favorite megas and I just love the colors of this card. I want to pick up the normal EX version of him too as that card is nicely colored. I know this guy divides fans opinions a lot, some love him and some dislike him. But I love him, especially after I saw the Pokemon Center plush of him and had to pick one up few years ago. I mean… Just look at that cuteness!

And last but definitely not least, PSA 9 Plasma Gale Articuno EX Full Art. The photo doesn’t even give all the justice for it’s texture and colors. It’s even more stunning irl and I’m so happy that I picked this up. Don’t know why this has gotten a 9 though, I was looking at it and I think it really would be a 10 worthy card. Maybe they have wanted to keep the pop low, don’t know. Still, very happy with all of these Ebay purchases in general :blush: Groudon & Ampharos are both going to PSA one day.

Oh, and I’m still impatiently waiting for that Pokekyun box… Maybe tomorrow.


After little bit over 2 weeks of waiting, I finally received my Pokekyun box today! I’m only missing 2 cards from the set now, Flareon EX FA and Gardevoir EX.

And as I was putting these cards into my binder, I decided to take some photos of the Legendary Shiny collection which I’ve got completed. I got lucky with that set and managed to complete it with only one box.


I was thinking about making an update last week already but then I thought it would be nicer if I had everything on the same update, so here are some stuff that I’ve bought on the last few weeks :blush: Got a few new PSA graded Salamence baes and more! I also have some great news as I got a job, so that means I should be able to make my first ever PSA send off next month! I’m super excited about that and I’m still going to buy some singles that I’d like to get graded as well. So, let’s get this update rolling, shall we?

First of all, big thanks to @gottaketchumall for this EX Dragon Salamence holo :blush:

Next up, these two beauties from @fourthstartcg ! They arrived today, thank you so much! I loved the extras as well :blush:

Next up a random PSA pickup, I really wanted to get this card at some point and found this one from Ebay and I definitely feel like it was a steal comparing the price I paid with the prices other people were selling this for. Really got lucky with it. I’m a big fan of those colors *-*

Moving on to some random singles, these ones are from @nauticads :blush: The Latias was actually an extra and I was going to buy that card at some point anyway so that was a really nice surprise

And I thought I had all the variants of English Salamences on my binder collection, until I realized I actually didn’t. I was missing the Salamence Roaring Skies theme deck version. But no worries, got one from a trade last week :blush: There is a strange trend with this card though, all the versions I have of English Roaring Skies Salamence are very off centered

Up next Latias & Latios movie promos. I just love the artwork on both of these and I bought them thinking about the future PSA send off :blush: Both are very nicely minty so I’m very hopeful for tens on both.

And this Rayquaza Promo, damn! I didn’t even know this existed until I saw a listing on Ebay and I had to pick it up. That artwork is just incredible! I think it would make a great holo card as well but still it’s amazing, going to PSA as well.

And another deal with a forum user, a trade pick up from @pokemontrader which arrived today, thank you! :blush:

And the final thing I will post today is a photo of the Mew Collection box. Finally found them for sale in here and I wish my box was still sealed because my pulls were trash xD


That’s bunch of good stuff, I’m just surprised you didn’t run out of ink while writing that holy wall of text. :grin:

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Did you ever get the Gard EX for Pokekyun? I could maybe help you out if you’re still missing it. Shoot me a PM if so ^.^

Awesome update too. I love Latios and Latias arts typically, those are no exception. The Umbreon is one of my favorite artworks for such a cool Pokemon, lovely pick-up on that as well!

Sorry to hear about the Mew box pulls, sounds like the pulls are very polar on those - either really good or terrible, no in between…

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