XY 6 Emerald Break!


If this is legit. I can die in peace now. :sunglasses: :rofl:

It is legit? Hahaha.

That link comes right back to this thread.

However, the next set being based around Ray and M Ray was pretty obvious. Should be cool.
10 bucks says that Delta Emerald registration is for the English set as well.

link fixed lol

While I was hoping to get a tyranitar themed set since it’s been awhile since we got a dark set. I know we got yveltal. UT XY wasn’t dark. That being said a Rayquaza set is pretty awesome.

Nice fake:

Further disclaimer: This is a FAKE that I just found.


It is pretty close to the real thing.

except for that damage. That means M Rayquaza can do up up to 440 if all benches are full but more likely it’ll be doign 160-200+ easily. If that damage were 20 for each bench then I can see it. I don’t play but from a few mathces I’ve seen and the HP of pokemon is where I make that criticism.

In the video game he’s over powered as well tho ;p lol so might as well break the video game and the card game with him haha

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A mega Rayquaza themed set…named Emerald Break… *heavy breathing*


we will probably see Zygarde in this set! Green dragons galore! lol

Is it possible to pre-pre-order boxes of this set? I just hope we don’t get another Wild Blaze/Flashfire where there’s a few cards that everyone wants and the rest are quite horrible.


I just checked Amiami - CLICK!


Pre ordered 50 boxes, 12 cases of decks, 20 packs of deck protectors, and 30 deck boxes.

Not really I did 10, 0(for now), 2, 0


Preordered everything! So stoked for this set :blush:

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I so badly need to know which EX’s are going to make the cut.

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I put my money on rayquaza and deoxys being the main two and secret rares of mega Rayquaza and a secret rare deoxys

Like people have mentioned, the only thing stopping me from pre-ordering anything at the moment is the fear of Wild Blaze syndrome.
BRB Rayquaza EX.
BRB 4 other fillers.
I can’t imagine there only being one mega in the set though. A Mega Sableye would be delicious.

Heehee :heart_eyes:

Ordered my boxes, sleeves and deckboxes!

Didn’t get nearly as many sleeves as I did for XY5…

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