I’m only making this public to uh… clarify a few things, not to start anything else, since I think something got a little muddled in my last post, which I am very sorry about.

In the rant I said you (general), meaning you (general you, not you personally) but I think it was taken as the latter. v_v; For that, I am sorry I was not clearer.

I wouldn’t attack other members like that, or at least do my very best not to.

Anyway, I’ll probably PM some people later if I can think of something more constructive to say. :confused: Sorry if I came across as a jerk. :x

We all have our moments. I can understand where you were coming from as I also live in Oz. I can also sympathise with Scott having lost $1200 before on an eBay transaction myself. Hopefully we can all put this incident behind us. We’re all part of this great community. PM me if you want to chat to a fellow collector in Oz.