one step backwards

So when I finally think I’m getting ahead and things are falling into place is when people start dying.

I’m working on moving in two weeks with 3 other girls and one of them is this forum’s own silverishness. And just Monday her grandfather died and he was kind of like a grandparent to me I never got to see (since mine live in other states or just…forget who I am) and so it’s been a mental battle to get people paid on here, to get artwork for Texas anime convention ANIMEFEST and on top of holding up my BFF emotionally I had 2 jobs call me in for an interview, one said I would get a second because the lady was busy and never called back and the other said that they would call me, I called them twice and they were certain I was going to be there. They TOLD me to apply, they (being the hiring manager) was assured that I’d be called back…and then nothing.

(this is all in a matter of…not even two weeks btw) and still…

So my phone cracked, fantastic…more money to spend. A TV that was a gift to me was transported without padding and it was a DLP and the light tunnel mirror developed a crack along the top making thin black lines through the entire picture. So what would have been a nice house warming gift…destroyed from idiocy. Oh yeah a part to mom’s expensive vacuum? Missing cause the aunts might have tossed it not thinking it actually BELONGED to someone (aunt to one of the roomeis). Oh what else… oh yes the AC unit at the house likes to randomly cut off cause the land lord doesn’t want to put in the money to get it fixed… its 105f in this bloody city and there are only 3 fans in that entire house: 1 in the master, 1 in the living room, and one in the loft (my room). And you want the AC unit to just…cut out when we have heat sensitive animals living with us?

Oh and to top it off? ART BLOCK before said convention where it’s my only chance to make enough to pay rent and whatnot.

So it’s just been one downer after another after another. I need a breather. I need something to happen right. :confused: Anything…

I just needed to vent…sorry.

:slightly_frowning_face:… A positive mindset, and a positive outlook will get you a long way. Don’t dwell on the negatives and focus on the positives in your life. Things could always be a lot worse.

The stronger you are, the sooner you’ll break out of this, and the sooner sunshine will come your way (well not that you need it in 105f heat but you get the point :wink: )

Cheer up :blush:

I can help with art ideas :open_mouth:?

Oh wow I am sorry to hear that :slightly_frowning_face:

I can’t remember who said it but “we can’t control what happens to us, but we can control how we choose to react to the situation”. Like Jason said, stay positive! maybe this one step backward was needed to step back and re-evaluate the whole situation. keep your chin up, stay positive and think it though. You will make it through with flying colors!

If you need to vent, I basically live on the computer :open_mouth: So I’ll be on msn whenever :open_mouth:

@evilmind2 – I can empathize; I currently have concerns that are accumulating, too. Just remember…

…My offer has no expiration date :heart:

@unique Username: My goodness you’re always there aren’t you? I really should get your messenger info so we can talk beyond UPCCC, but thank you for keeping your invitation.

@pokemontrainer: Pokemon Candy…I remember this well XD

And thank you for the kind words and encouragement. Silverishness and I are just taking things one step at a time to get through this and looking at the brighter sides of the situation. I’m sure something good will turn up eventually, right? Sure I don’t have a job still but I know I have friends that will help me stay afloat for just a little bit, enough til I can get back on my own two feet. I just need to be patient…