More Apologies for sellers

I just wanted to apologize for all the sellers Silverishness and I have been working with on this site. We were both still jobless and struggling with art commissions to be able get funds to continue our collections. (and other horrible things, but a few users know the back stories).

So what also happened?

We both work for an art show at a local anime convention called animeFEST we also put up art to help us gain extra funds. However, it takes forever to make the art to fill our panels, so we had been nose deep in paints, markers, and pencils until today when we finally reached the stopping point of making art. (the convention for us starts tomorrow)

So I apologize for not keeping in contact with a lot of people on here. I did pop on once in a while to see if I got any messages with reminders or questions but there were none, so I assumed not a lot changed. (Well, some had but no one is at fault but myself for lack of contact).

Now Silverishness has a job so our collection is back on track…more or less and after Labor Day weekend (that’s the convention) we will be more frequent on here and more participant.

We hope soon we can show a bit of our collection like a few of the members have done on here. :3

Thank you to the sellers who have still been patient with us. I know it’s a long and grueling wait but we promise to try and shorten it as quickly as we can.