Jacob's Gengar?

So, because I’ve been away for a good few months (read: the entire summer), I wanted to catch up with a few people who I had been talking to behind the scenes. One of these was our very own dear @anonspaz who I have not heard back from for quite some time. Remembering all the excitement about his trip to Japan, I decided to check out that thread in question to see he never got back to us about what happened to his collection and other items.

Not sure if this is normal to ask but, does anyone know what happened to the guy?

He usually comes in waves. He has a lot going on: a business selling cell phones, which he probably travels frequently, and he is also married with a mortgage. He is a nice guy and a great collector and is probably just busy with the necessities of life.


Ah, that makes sense. Okay, well I hope he’s doing well. I’ve only been with this site for less than a year so I thank you for having that insight about the situation.

Feel free to close this if you want unless you think other people might wonder where he is.