Still Here and... My God... What have I missed? D:

So as some of you may remember from the last time I disappeared, the summer is usually a very busy time for me. Things are starting to slow down for my final year in my Master’s program, and my collecting kick has come back.

Thank you for everyone who still tagged me in posts.


Oh yes…

Oh god, yes, please…

I’ve missed you guys too, though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome back! Gyarados definitely got a lot of love in Bandit Ring/Ancient Origins, figured you’d like it :blush: The prerelease Gyarados is the best AT artwork imo, and as someone pointed out (I don’t know who) is one of the few Gyarados cards to feature a closed-mouth Gyarados.


And one that doesn’t look terrible at all! The ones that are closed mouth are usually awkward looking. But this… A Masterpiece.

Shame that it didn’t get any promo love in Japanese. Either way, they’ll be making quick additions soon to my collection.

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Now that my friend, is where you are wrong :wink:

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… *weeps for joy*

Double Gyarados… All the way… Across the sky.

Edit: I need to look for listings of that one. Can’t find any on Ebay.


You’re having trouble because they are only being awarded from the 22nd and the 23rd of this month. Still need to wait for them :wink:


Would you be able to provide a bit more info on them? Like where, to who, and how many? I’m still finding out more information as I go but have only been able to pop in once in a while for quick updates and such.

They are prizes for a tournament to be held in a weeks time. I really have nothing more than that. Expect them to hit eBay after next weekend.


Not prizes for winning though. Prizes for participating, so there will be more!
“given to players who participate in the Gyarados Battle, held at participating Pokémon Centers on August 22 and 23, 2015 in commemoration of the opening of Pokémon Center Hiroshima.”


Welcome back from your break mate!

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Glad to have you back, @azulryu!


We’ve all missed the Gyarados-loving collector that is you! :blush:
I’ve read this thread for a few days, and find myself laughing everytime I come to that gif hahaha!

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good to have you active again dude.

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Mad respect for knowing when to take a break for life’s sake without abandoning the joy of the hobby altogether.

Mature collecting.


Hey D…- er Azul ryuI have been incredibly busy - and physically/mentally exhausted and stressed. Unfortunately, I cant take any days off until I have been at my job for 7-12 months. And moving took all my money! Uggh, so no worlds this year. I took am just getting active here again. It took over a month for the service team to fix my internet problems.

Thanks everyone. It’s funny, a few of my friends call me “Card Captor Gyarados” as a joke for my collection. It’s nice to see all of you again. And I’m glad I took a rest too. I was getting frustrated over some collecting issues that I had before I disappeared and focused on work. It was a much needed break.

And well worth the surprise of seeing 3 new iterations of Gyarados all at once.

Binx, I’m so sorry that you can’t make it this time. I’m glad you’re sticking with your new job. Your last one was atrocious! Next time, though. :blush: Just do what you need to do to make things better for yourself. :blush: