My humble return

Hey guys

Sooooo I’ve been gone for quite some time. A lot of crazy shit has happening in my life and Pokemon kinda just got cast to the side. But, things have changed now and I’ve been finding a lot of comfort returning to my old ways of card collecting. It brings me back to a better time, a better me. I grew up a little, learned a lot, and now I’d like to settle back down.

Anyways, the point of this post was to say hello and also ask for some help catching up with everything that I missed!! I have a lot to relearn and a lot of new things to learn so if you guys and gals could be kind enough to give me a crash course on the past like 5-7 months that would be lovely. I’m talking about things like new discoveries, the top promos, notable price changes, etc.

Also, someone fill me in on any community drama that’s gone down :wink:

@pokemontrader became mod…somehow…*plays drama music*

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Hello and welcome back! Nice to see you around. :blush:

Notable events… Did you see that dude with an illegally obtained hoard of EX UF Gold Stars?

Why is it when things are the toughest, we turn away from the things that bring us the most joy?

Welcome back brother…:blush:


Gary you are a sage.

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Just old my friend;)

Welcome back mate!


You missed @japanime getting about million XY6 promos sent to him.


if you want some jumbos, hit me up!

I remember when news first came out about him having a butt load of the 3 dogs. Did he get different ones? How’d he get them?

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Someone found an English VS Set… I’m sorry I don’t remember who it was now.

Hapycakeoven found someone with one that didn’t know what they had.

m786ali ended up with it.


Hey Ben, nice to see you again!

Hopefully things are going well for you now. I still haven’t forgotten that one time you were very earnest about those pop 5 packs when you didn’t have to be!

Anyway, glad to see you back in the game. :blush:

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I forgot about that! Man, I miss those days haha. I’m happy to be back as well :blush: