Back from the dead!

Ok, I did not die, just my activity in the pokemon world sort of did. So my collecting, event participation (game playing), and such pretty much halted about a year ago. Now I am looking to move again and jump back into things. And hopefully be able to attend league and events!

I have still gotten a ‘few’ packs and such here an there but only 3 sealed booster boxes and 1 prerelease event in the last year compared to previous 2 boxes each set plus every prerelease and many events.

This site has changed and so has Pokebeach (which is confusing to me now). I am trying to find information on the Break ex special gold Japanese set. Can somebody point me a link to an article on here? I think surely there is one…

I did recently pull FA Lucario Ex, Generations M Charizard EX, and secret Mewtwo ex (Breakthrough)… from just the few packs I have been buying (nothing like I used to) so that really helps boost my interest and helps me check off some tough pulls!

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Ok I found it is called the EX Champion break M set or such. I fee SO behind on everything that has happened poke-card wise in the last year. I still need the Winter Uniqlo pikachu set but now there are at least 4 new awesome cosplay Pikacu FA cards AND a new Battle Festa pikachu FA!


welcome back!

I had not noticed.

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Welcome back brother:)

Nothing has changed. We are the same people, on the same forum, just a different name :blush:
Likewise with beach.

Hopefully you’re able to find joy in the hobby once more. :blush:


I missed Nendroids and Gym leaders figures! What else?

Uhh depends what sort of stuff you collect :blush:
I’m not sure when you left… So depending I can send you pkmncollectors’ Monthly Merch Round Ups :blush:

I have still been looking here and there, and buying a little so basically have the gist of things. I am mainly into cards but love everything else too.

What I don’t understand is the Pokemon Center merchandise (plush of various sizes and keychains) showing up and dissapearing from local stores. So my nearest (2 hours away) Toysrus got a shipment of Pokemon Center plush in November, mostly mega-mewtwo but some eevolutions, sold out before Christmas and never restocked. My local target got a case of Pokemon Center plush with Lugia, Rayquaza,Kyogre, Groudon, mini lati- keychains, - in Feb, but sold out within a week. A few weeks ago I discovered a Walmart in another town with 4 cases full of pokemon center plush. 1 case was all keychain plush. After much decided and woes at lack of funds I left with a Kirlia and mega altaria. They also had mega gallade, espurr, wailmer, and good mix of pokemon from all gens. Went back 5 days later with new paycheck. Only ones left were a servine, bulbasaur and gulpin keychain. But the weird thing was the whole space were the plush were was gone, filled with more Magic and Yugioh cards. No stickers for the plush anymore or nothing. Don’t know if someone bought them ought or maybe vendor took them away. None of these stores have had any restocks.

I just watched Snow White and the Huntsmen…saw that Xerneas and Torterra made a cameo!

Now I just need to figure out what cards are being played in the meta and also more about the mysterious pokemon center plush that keep popping up and then dissapearing.

So you were the one.

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It was free on regular cable TV…lol.