Back for good!

Hi there…not sure if you guys remember a member called ‘pkm12’ but that is me! I am now back on the UPCCC for good this time! I left before due to personal problems, and i’ve forgotten my UPCCC password/email which is why i’ve opened a new account.

This time I promise i’m here to stay! ;D

Welcome back! Can’t wait to see your collection and get to know you. :blush:

Welcome back. Hope you enjoy your time at UPCCC and please feel free to share your collection with everyone. Cheers!

Welcome back :grin: I messaged your other account to say that I hope you come back soon, that wasn’t too long ago! Glad you’re back now :blush:

Hi there - I never saw the message but perhaps I read it in spirit lol! Thanks :blush:

There goes the neighborhood… :wink: