Goodbye UPCCC

Darn, hopefully you’ll return to the hobby, but in the meantime you’ll be missed. Good luck with your future endeavors!


All the best mate

Good luck Tyler. All the best.

We’re here for ya mate, Best of luck with all your future endeavors!

Most of us have taken breaks or times away before. Don’t feel bad about that at all. Life happens. Work stuff out, take a break, pick up some cards you own and look them over every now and again and pop in if you ever feel like it.

It’s a hobby. Not a job. :blush:

Peace out and God bless, brother.


Best of luck man. We will always be here if you decide to come back!


Aww, you’ll be missed, man.

You were one of my favorite people to connect with in terms of collecting. Stay in touch and if you want to chat about anything, let me know.

Good luck, hopefully we will see you again in the future. Have enjoyed reading your posts!

Sad to see you go, but we should respect your choice. Good luck in further life and maybe welcome back someday :wink:!

Nothing wrong with taking a break, sometimes you just need the time away from the hobby. You can think things over a bit with a fresher mind later. Good luck with your future endeavors!

Sad and suprised to hear that,loved looking at your collection, especially the japanese shining 9 slab!Best wishes :slight_smile:

I completely disagree with your decision especially for the reason stated.

One D in school and you don’t drop out.
One argument with your wife and you don’t divorce.
One flat tire and you don’t dump your car and start taking a bus.
And on and on…

Taking a break cause you’re busy is fine. A eulogy is an over reaction.

Based on the comments above, you have a lot of friends here.
Personally, I’ve seen you as a gentleman and a positive part of UPCCCs success, who’s been willing to share, help, and support others.

Don’t say bye buddy. Say "cu later":blush:


I agree with Gary!
But if you sincerely need time away, that is understandable. Just be sure to come back and check in and leave a comment now and again!
I hope everything works out for you :blush:

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I always liked to read your posts and content. You always find really obscure and random items, which I find really awesome. You have a unique flavour you seem to bring here to UPCCC.

It’s such a tough hobby to keep at… I think you just need a break like Gary said…

Anyways, all the best man!

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Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement. I was a doubtful that this thread would cheer me up especially after seeing the malicious comment someone had made as soon as I had posted the thread. Fortunately, this was just one person and as someone else had said, one bad thing doesn’t mean everything is bad (poorly paraphrasing Gary).

I have taken into consideration each and every comment and private message I have received from you guys. I think I will be back at some point, but for now, I need a break.

I just want to say again, the warmth and kindness I’ve received from members here has really brought a smile to my face, even through all of my personal adversities and life turmoils. So thank you all, and I hope this will not be a good bye, but rather a ‘see you later’ :blush: ~~~~~ (thanks Gary for that one!)



You made my day brother.
We’ll all be looking forward to your next interesting post/observation:)
Your friends @ UPCCC.

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You will be missed man. Take care and wish you all the best~

wow man, thats heavy. I hope you decide to come back, regardless of how long you’re away. You know you’ll always have a place within the community.

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Sorry that this is so delayed.

Sorry to see you go! I wish you all the best in the future!
We’ll still be around for ages to come :grin: