Back at it!

Hey all,
Have been away since before Christmas due to overseas holidays and hospital visits and the first thing I did when I got home was check out the old faithful UPCCC and boy did it make me happy :blush:

There’s a hell of a lot to catch up on and look forward to chatting to everyone again and meeting new people!

I have decided to give the zapdos collection a rest for a while and start adding to my japanese promo collection!

Talks soon!
Drewy, :blush:

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good stuff lad,

i’ve been off the site for over year.

just been in tokyo and it reignited my passion for pokemon card collecting, specifically japanese cards, so i’m baacaaaaaack :stuck_out_tongue:

wow at the time of postiing above comment you have 96 posts and i have 69, its about to change now but yeah :blush:

Good to hear mate, what cards are you looking to collect in particular??

im looking at collecting just japanese cards. trying to complete full sets and placing them in an album. how about your self?

Welcome back :blush:

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Just collecting japanese promo sets, nothing real flash or super rare, just the masaki and gameboy promo set and the odd single promos and stuff :blush:

But a Zapdos phone card just hit the market! Welcome back mate. :blush:

My zapdos cards are on the market mate, it’s too late :stuck_out_tongue:
The masaki and gameboy set is just too appealing haha!

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