GemMintPokémon and PokémonMaster556

Two of my favorite Pokémon card YouTubers, but neither has posted for a while. Any idea where these sweet broskis went?

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@gemmintpokemon where are you sweet broski


I heard through the grapevine that GemMint has accomplished most of his collection goals. Idk. Could be wrong though.

GemMint is still active and just made some strides in another goal, can confirm!

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Gemmint got a new job and is pretty busy now days. He hasn’t stopped by discord in while either.

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He gone

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one of them will be on the pokeradar podcast tomorrow…


Best nickname in the history of nicknames, maybe ever

Thanks bro. It took a lot of thought and sleepless nights to come up with it.

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Thanks for all the support. It means a lot.

I’ll be on Pokemon Radar’s Podcast today at 3:00pm Eastern or 12:00pm Pacific. Feel free to stop by and ask any questions live. Everything is fair game. Hopefully it goes for a couple hours.

Work does take a good bit of time, although my weekends are relatively free. I spend more time connecting with other collectors directly (i.e. 3 hour phone calls or novel long Instagram chats). Some of you may be aware I travel Monday - Thursday for work. This makes it difficult to focus on Pokemon during the week.

I intend to stay active in the community and make content that benefits the hobby as a whole. The challenge is prioritizing content creation over other initiatives. Feel free to tag or call me out if it’s been awhile. It’s always great to step away from reality and dive back into hobby when possible.

There’s been quite a few talented new collectors who’ve joined the hobby and contributed their own discoveries and analyses. A solid, well thought out post are my favorite to dive into. Especially those who’ve been compiling data, etc. There are a good bit that go underappreciated.

This is a great community to be a part of.


@gemmintpokemon Good to hear you’re still in it! I thoroughly enjoyed reading through the article featuring you in SMR a few months back and have followed you on youtube since I returned to the hobby over 3 years ago!

Pokemonmaster556 posted a YT video not too long ago saying that he was back in it and would be making more content soon. I hope so!