This has been a fantastic month -eyeroll-

Sorry I’ve been off the radar for a while, but I did need to vent a little and I know some of you I talk to on messenger and I haven’t had that chance (pokemontrader and basilikus).

Right before March I got an abandoned 3 month old kitten and she was sunshine in my little world. March 2nd on her week check-up I found out she had an incurable virus and was suffering so I had to put her down. That same day I had to go to work and deal with a bunch of animals…SIGH. The next day my phone took a swim (My mom paid 60 bucks for it a little over a month ago) and luckily through rage and tech genius (that I got it operational again after fighting with it for 2 hours.

Things are looking great, right? Not too long after my very expensive laptop took a dive… just about a week later from all of this crap and so I was not only without a computer I was without internet while house sitting. So while the rest of my group is working on their computers and enjoying themselves- I’m doing paperwork and not progressing at all. Luckily it was just a broken LCD screen…

DURING that time I was talking to a seller on Ebay about an item, I let him know my laptop was broken and I would get in touch with him about other items as soon as I could AND I was without internet so I wouldn’t be a daily contact… He was fine. I didn’t respond for 2 days and he was listing the item back on Ebay…he took it off after some strong words of making him feel like a jerk :confused:

ON TOP OF THAT…found out my grandfather has colon cancer (he lives in another state) and it’s stressing my dad out which is stressing me out because I haven’t seen him upset since I was a child…it’s a foreign idea. (This just happened last Wed, the news of this).

NOW my debit card is missing even though I had it RIGHT with me last night and none of the places I have been to have seen it nor is it in any of the 3 spots I went to (kitchen, guest room, my bedroom)…

Happy March to me indeed…thank GOD my birthday is at the end of all of this. I can’t imagine what ELSE could happen before it happens…maybe more of my magnificent luck will show up on that day…>/ ITS ON A SATURDAY!

Whew…I just wanted to get that out… So sorry I’ve been silent for those who have been working with me or just talk to me through a messenger of sorts. I hope to be up and working again (and not bumming mom’s weird computer) so I can talk to you guys again.

@evilmind2 – I acknowledge that saying sorry won’t do your plight a smidgen of justice. Nevertheless, I wish you and your family the best in the future. Remember, a few of us are always available to listen and provide support if you need it.


~ UU

P.S. – Hey, if you ever need someone to talk to…(points to herself); don’t be shy.

UU, you’ve always been a sweetheart every time I see you say something on this site. I usually don’t vent but I let people lean on me so it’s nice to know there are people out there that I can lean on :3

And thanks for the kind words, I’m hoping that with a little kindness and good thoughts I can make it through the rest of this month without turning to the Incredible Hulk and smashing everything in sight :confused: (I am planning a 7 person birthday party…I am trying not to think of how many things can go wrong with that…)