I’ve got my exams next week which is why I’m so generally pissy lately. But rather spectacularly, my laptop has stopped charging, which is fun times.

I’ve bought a replacement adapter but have no idea if that’s the issue :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Hate exams, hate crappy things breaking, hate the weather (its 25 C in London… I can’t remember the last time we’ve had consistently good weather for so long), hate hate HATE!

(OK, out of my system, as long as my new adapter actually does the trick. I’ll find out tomorrow I guess)

My Dell Laptop Charger did that. The laptop would say that it’s not the correct charger and so it was just running from AC power and not charging. Not too annoying as my laptop just sits there as if it’s a computer (as in, i don’t have it on my laptop and move it around).

But hopefully that reassures you that chargers can be pretty crap and it should be fine…

Good luck in your exams!

Damn my gf’s laptop just did that a few days ago, it must be that time of the year :confused:

And the weather here is shit too, have tornado warnings and storms every other day, it must that that time of the year :blush:

To be honest, I’m so sick of random math crap. I did a lot of this in my degree, and now had to relearn it all over again.

I’m hoping the exams are nice and I can be all happy again. I have a econometrics paper in September which is supposed to be hell, but at least I’ve never done it before so it’ll be something new.

(The worst thing is, I don’t even use any of this crap in my job. Like, ever :thinking:)

I have TWO degrees dammit, and still writing exams :slightly_frowning_face:

And I’m a qualified accountant (which was another… 10 exams). This is to become an actuary. It’s mind-numbing boredom, since the maths is not new for me. Just time pressured and blech.

People think I love exams at work, but I actually get properly properly freaked by them. In the A-Levels (pre-uni exams in the UK), I was so freaked that my (now ex)tried to calm me down, failed, and then got freaked too!

Anyhoo, back to revising :slightly_frowning_face:

That kept happening to my friend’s HP actually and my Mom’s HP where the power block of the power cord just stopped working so the laptop wouldn’t take a charge.

I know it’s their ploy on why they are so cheap >/

Good luck to you too, and everyone else taking exams!

The second degree was a masters, which was off the back of the bachelors so was just another year.

Professional exams suck; thank god my degree trained me in stupidly hard exams (in one exam, the highest mark anyone got was 10%, which was enough for a first!)

The actuarial exams are actually easier I think, but you never know whether you’ve passed as they don’t publish how much is required for the pass :slightly_frowning_face:

To piss us off I guess - it’s a stupid system and I wish they’d change it.

My aim this sitting isn’t just to pass; it’s to come out of the exam THINKING I’ve passed (which is a lot harder!)

EDIT: At least the adapter arrived and my netbook can now charge again! I love Amazon’s Prime trial - one day rush works like a charm :wink:

Bored, stressed, sleepy (and it’s only 16:42 here!!!)

Bring on Thursday afternoon (after two glorious papers)!!


I wish mine were assignments, I’d be far happier with that!

One exam down, one to go. Wooooooooo! (I promise to be less crazy if the other exam goes well)


Hell yeah!!

They go well then?

I think so. You only get told whether you’ve passed or not, but I hope both papers were comfortable passes. Quite a lot of questions were either straightforward, or had you confirming an answer, which I was able to do so its all good :blush:

Of course, a couple of the questions were a bit crazy and there was stunned silence after the Thursday paper, which was freaky as 350+ people walked out the exam room. But I have freedom till September! WOOOOOOOOOO!

Have a splitting headache after a night out and I don’t even drink!

OK I want to moan about something completely different. As I said in the thread where I’m looking for sets, I’m a huge Mario fan, so obviously very excited about Super Mario 3DS.

I went to check out the Gamefaqs forums and was like what the hell is this shit. How can people be so stupid.

So my question is, where are sane people discussing new releases? I don’t mind NeoGAF but there is a strange contingent there who think Sunshine was a decent game (hint: it wasn’t)

Um… let’s ignore the FLUDD-less levels (which were pure awesomeness). Let’s even ignore say the first three or four levels, which actually had quite a few good ideas in them.

When you have entire stages that can only be described as a beta tests, you have a problem. And by that, I mean the stage with the hotel. It was buggy and just plain didn’t work properly (and Nintendo themselves admitted that the stage was “unfinished”)

The blue coins were put in randomly because they didn’t have enough time to put in the rest of the planned sprites and the camera was just shit.

It was a bad game, with good ideas. But unfortunately, those ideas didn’t come through.

Thank god for Galaxy, which I think is my favourite game of all time. That or SMW

Thought you might like to know I passed both exams. Yay!