just venting about my 'job'

Alright I won’t say too much, in case of the slightest chance of getting fired but I need to do a little venting.

My job is paradoxically stressful and boring, I am a software tester; I’m horrible at it but I am great at bullshitting and finding the sort of errors everyone seems to over-look (the this is neither legal nor logical errors) Everyone else tries to find the ‘lets try to f-up the system errors’.

Anyway when I do work which is hardly ever I am surrounded by morons, dorks and well fucktards.

Now I know people probably think I am a dork, nerd or whatever but I am not, the people I work with are.

They do not bathe, they have been wearing the same clothes since high school are overly obsessed with computer games and either speak rapidly fast or incredibly slow and either murmur or slur all their words together and eat while talking and eat foodstuff that strongly recommend utensils with their hands.

This may come at a surprise but nobody and I mean nobody outside of the online community knows my love of rare pokemon cards, I do not advertise my endorsements.

In fact if you come up to me saying ‘I love pokemon’ I would say something like ‘great for you buddy, now get lost and never speak to me again.’

Just wondering if anyone else keeps quiet outside of the online community about their love of collecting pokemon cards and anyone else who works with true incompetence.

Yeah, I’m glad to be employed too, (sorta) My job is underpaid and keeps me preoccupied of what I really want to do.

Besides I just hate working, I’m pretty lazy I would be content on just owning all of the rare pokemon cards :blush:

Yeah, perhaps you reinasierpe can get away with less ridicule being female and all (if that observation is too ‘sexist’ then I apologize) and perhaps a guy like Scott can get away easier than me also being someone who plays soccer and has taken philosophy in college.

I mention that I collected rare pokemon cards and the response will likely be several solid minutes of laughter followed by ‘…how is it that you’re still single…’ :slightly_smiling_face:

Though then again I couldn’t have gotten the cards I had gotten if I was constantly hanging out with people and had a gf, too bad all my hard effort came to naught.

(I really hope I win the lottery, it would be like a big ‘fuck you’ to all of those who ‘fucked’ me over :angry:)

What do you really want to do? (And don’t say collect Pokémon cards :stuck_out_tongue:)

Figure out how to do that. Then do it?

hahaha ;D :stuck_out_tongue: No I need income for that obviously and I just wouldn’t want to get Pokemon cards for free :angry:

I have had an idea for sometime now that is so ingenious that it will guarantee me to become a multi-millionaire and potentially a billionaire (though I would never become a billionaire just because I believe that the most amount of money one individual can have shouldn’t amount to over $300M; I know I keep it ‘humble’ :slightly_smiling_face:)

My greatest fear of this whole endeavor is twofold first ‘failure’ that’s obvious second the fact that it isn’t a failure but those I need to rely on to see this through says it’s a ‘failure’ and take my idea and leave me hanging to dry :angry:

I could make several organizations and/or companies slightly wealthier than they already are if I can get them to co-operate (and yes I am being deliberately vague on my plans on all of this.)

I feel for you man I HATE messy eaters!!!
And to ansor you question hell yes I’m in early high school I would get pulverized even more that I already do! Only my closest friends know and honistly I got them back into it. I have a tubermade container with all my stuff in it
I know I’m pathetic ;D

I srslyhope hope you are joking he is a adult it’s not something to be ashamed if but is sounds like he us dealing with the type of people who won’t relly understand what he is doing

I dont work at the moment, but its more like hiding it from my social life lol. i dont really loook like the type who collects cards at all…
those who have my facebook should be able to tell,
but its the fasination of an ammount a card can go for, the rarity of some cards. its addictive and i love it, thats one of the reasons i went looking for a site like this, so i can talk to other collectors and not feel like an idiot :grin:

@zamp and all of those who love collecting or the concept of it, that is the very reason why this site came to be, and to get potential connections and information :sunglasses:

@viper.fox and anyone else who works in a stress free environment, I envy you and sincerely hope you keep your stress free jobs. Seriously I think I hold enough angst for the entire UPCCC hahaha.

First thing I do if my ‘why didn’t I think of that!’ plan works is to of course buy back all of the cards I once owned and then some and second to take away these annoying banners! If DJ, dogma and Scott like the banners which they don’t then I’ll just buy this site or make another and splash it full of Magikarps!!! (nothing will change but, the removal of the banners and the increasing of Magikarp art work on the site ;D)

My ‘coworkers’ don’t know, all I say at work is ‘I’m going to lunch’ or ‘I’m going home’ that’s it.

It was when I was in high school and college that I talked about it and was made fun of, especially by my family who would always bring it up during the holidays :sweat: :slightly_frowning_face: :angry:

i only tell certain people my collection of what I do but other than that most people just think i play for the hell of it.as for a job at least im happy i have one rather than not having any really.i can be lazy but need to earn some money for pokemon collection :blush:.

Awesome more Magikarps :sunglasses: ;D, the more and more I think about what I want to do the more hopeful I become. (God, if I fuck up and fail on this then I’ll just quit living all together)

Like any multi-million/billion dollar ideas, it needs a name and web-domain. Feel free to send a PM to me regarding any naming ideas. Please nothing too fancy i.e. almost impossible to pronounce, or too long, short or offensive, make it vague but catchy.

I spent the last several hours finding a name, but all names are like taken :slightly_frowning_face: :angry:

Well no offense but you are either overly thin skinned and hold what other people think in an exaggeratedly high regard or you have extremely low self esteem and need a steady stream of positive reinforcement to get on with life. Try just being yourself and if some shun you for it, screw 'em. They won’t ever matter or be important in your life anyhow.

None taken.

On a positive note I have attempted contact with one of the persons who if she agrees will be a major help of getting my venture under way.

It should take a year or two to set up and within 5 to 10 yrs I should become exceptionally wealthy.

(I am so nervous and I hope this works out, I feel like this venture is my defining destiny.)

@wayne: once again we completely agree. It’s interesting how many people here even consider Pokémon to be such an important part of your life that it ‘defines’ you in some way.

It’s such a small part of mine, I do loads of things apart from Pokémon! The only people who know about my collecting are my family and a few of my friends who are into it.

If I felt like it was something people needed to know they’d know :stuck_out_tongue:

(Before I get flamed, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to be that into Pokémon, just that you can still be a serious collector without it being a huge part of your life)

@will: if this thing takes off, I want at least a million :grin: (But if it doesn’t, then it’s not the be all and end all, remember that)

Well Pokemon only takes up my ‘I want that card!’ little kid part of my life ;D

dogma if it does work out then yes $1M on the condition you help me find some rare pokemon cards.

Well if plan A doesn’t work out there is always plan B press suit on PSA :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course my all time favorite-failure ‘winning the lottery!’ :slightly_smiling_face: :stuck_out_tongue:

Not very many people outside of the online community know I collect Pokemon cards, basically my family, my gf, and a few friends. As for my job, I like my job, but I work way too much and most of money goes towards rent :slightly_frowning_face: I don’t have enough time as I’d like to focus on collecting and tracking down cards.

LOL ALL of my money goes to rent :angry: I have to budget my food :slightly_frowning_face:

Well hopefuly that will all change and change soon

Lol, I forgot about food. My money goes towards rent, food, booze, gas, and some cards (I’m trying to only spend money on cards that I make from selling my duplicates, but it’s not working out too well).

funny how the necessities are glossed over, food costs a lot!

I do not drive but I do take an hour long train ride to work which is costly $14 every day $7 to and $7 back.

Ya I hear ya, I go out to dinner a lot which racks up the food bills, plus my gf (she’s vegetarian) is one those who likes to buy only organic certified foods, so that usually costs twice as much as the food I’m used to eating.

Also, my commute is a 45 minute drive to work and a 45 minute drive back home work everyday. I definitely need to move closer to my work once my lease is up…