Happy Easter :)

Hope everyone has a great day! And if you have a three day weekend, you suck! ;p

Bunnelby > easter bunny


I have a 5 Day weekend because i’m currently sick. :confused: But, happy Easter to everyone! :blush:

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3 day weekend? Try 9 day vacation in Southern California :stuck_out_tongue:

But in all seriousness, happy Easter/Passover to those who celebrate either of those!

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Nice! It’s great here! ;p

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Happy egghunting

Tell me about it! Coming from New England, this weather is a nice change. I’m so happy my university is primarily Jewish so we get the Passover week off. And that my best two friends are from San Diego and LA haha

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Happy easter :blush: in Australia we get a 4 day weekend (depending on your work)!

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I worked 9 hours today but happy Easter and good fortune to all. :blush:

I’m 21 and my Mom still hides eggs for me and my siblings (youngest being 18). Year after year I assert my dominance in the house by being the most efficient egg locator.


With sons in their 20s and a 7 month old daughter…there was nobody to celebrate with;)
Next year Easter celebration will start over lol.

Easter is over rated anyway.

I have a 3yo a 4 week old and a move to another state this week.

It was very simple in our house this year…

Girlfriend met parents for the first time. It went well. So I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Haha.

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It was so great to finally meet @funmonkey54 's parents :blush:


Aw true love