This is why immature people piss me off.

So there’s this girl who I’ve been talking to for about… 3 months now? And I swear that it’s been a rollercoaster ride of madness and drama and you really don’t want to know what her friends and boyfriend are like.

But we finally got to this place where everything was chill again in the sense that at least I didn’t feel like she was going to do something stupid again like threaten to kill herself (I hate it when people say that, because the majority of times people who say that are attention seeking and are not suicidal at all.)

To bring a long story short - I use Skype to contact work collegues and my skype account has a variety of uses, including talking to people of the fandom variety, and others whom I know from different communities. But it’s gotten to the point that one certain community is overloading my skype with chats and such, and I feel like I cannot give it the attention it deserves.

The girl I mentioned is part of this group.

As there were only about 8 or so of these people, I deleted them off my skype entirely and then posted on Tumblr explaining my reasoning as to why I could not use skype anymore as a medium of chatting service.

Now, this girl has my MSN details, yet she then posted this long winded depressing “its the end of the world” post like I had kicked her out of my life. :confused:

What the bloody fuck girl?!

I took you off my Skype account, big fucking deal! You can still contact me on Tumblr! You can still contact me on MSN! Why are you fixated on skype for?!


Truth is? I deleted her from skype because I no longer wanted to have a lurch in the stomach from seeing her online, and hiding from her because the long and short of it is I really don’t want this girl in my life anymore, but I’d much rather provide her with the ignorance of not knowing my true feelings, lest she pull her dramatic bullshit again.

That, and she actually knew months ago that me having her on my skype and talking to her each day wouldn’t last due to work commitments. She KNEW that I would not be able to be around her forever, and that someday I would part ways with her, permanently.

I warned her this would happen.


I feel much better writing this all out so I know just how obsurd she is being, but I honestly wish she would just can it with the stupid bullshit and realise why she’s been called a drama queen.

It’s because you pull shit like this, idiot!

Eek! That is terrible!
I know I changed my email mainly to contact people of the pokemon community without being like “STALKERS” though I doubt anyone is… but on a serious note, I’ve deleted people in the past, on facebook, skype, etc… if you don’t want someone contacting you, then block them completely? I know that isn’t what you are saying, but I mean, if she REALIZES how stupid she is, whining over skype, then maybe she wouldn’t be so crazy-sounding… You know?

The thing is, she doesn’t realise how stupid she’s being. She’s been called a drama queen yet is convinced she isn’t, to the point that being called a drama queen is apparently a trigger word for her now. =_=;

I do want to block her but I think that would do more harm than good, honestly. At least now I can somewhat control when she contacts me. That makes my heart a lot lighter :blush:

Ahh what I suggest…
Block her completely if she bothers you…
Unblock her to let the stress down, but don’t reply to her on skype?

I’d rather not block her if I can avoid it tbh…

The only place she can contact me is Tumblr, and somehow I doubt that’s gonna happen much, so that’s kinda what I meant by being able to control the situation more. :blush:

I guess I just needed to vent my spleen a bit on how stupid she was, and how far I had to go to regain some sense of peace.

Ahh well I am just curious… How annoying was she?
I mean like she’ll only get more annoying if you keep her bottled up…?


Basically, we roleplayed together, and I realised a bit too late that her character was a self insert, so everything her CHARACTER felt, SHE felt.

So of course when she was rejected by my character, she was so heartbroken IRL that she got all suicidal and her character ‘went into a coma’ ala Twilight style. :unamused:;;;

I like to think I have a great deal of tollerance, but in the end she was just a very poisonous person RP wise and I want nothing more to do with her OR her character.

Ough. That really sucks! (I just spelt suck, such xD)
Well I mean that really sucks for you then… But it is just RPing she needs to realize.

Her and her boyfriend. :unamused:;;

He thinks that if two characters have RP sex, that’s cheating on him.

Hence why I don’t really want to just block her and everything, because him, her friend (Whose stupidly protective) and her combined are crazier than Loki.

So now it’s just back to blog interaction, where at least she needs to keep up the facade of sanity. :3

xS So sorry to hear how crazy they are…

That’s kinda psycho…
I mean the mentally ill kinda psycho.

You’re telling me. Part of the reason why I’d rather put up the cover of ignorance than tell her the truth. ._.;