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Hello all,

I am giving away the two cards pictured below, a PSA 9 Shadowless Red Cheeks Pikachu and a PSA 9 Birthday Pikachu! It’s been a year since I’ve come back to Pokemon and have met lots of great people here, and have had a ton of fun collecting. But I don’t want to talk about the good times, I want to talk about tough times. I think the tough times in life are what make people great, what make people grow.

In order to enter, please give your response to the following: share a story about the toughest point in your life/toughest challenge you’ve ever had to overcome. This could be something seemingly mundane like asking out a girl/guy out, or something as extreme as beating cancer.

I think THE most underrated moment in all 20+ years of Pokemon is the fact that whatever starter pokemon you picked, your opponent always had the advantage. You want a charmander? Too bad, here comes squirtle. You picked squirtle? Too bad, here comes razor leaf from bulbasaur. Pokemon taught you that right off the bat, life isn’t easy, you start your life as a trainer behind the eight ball, always. But if you work hard, you can overcome anything.

I’ll keep this giveaway open until June 15th, when the winner will be picked randomly :blush: and will ship worldwide. Thank you!


Toughest point in LIFE… Deep! Good luck boys and girls. Thanks for the generous giveaway jc


I’ve had both, girls break up with me AND cancer twice but the hardest time was seeing my oldest son as pictured below on life support.
Keep the people you love, and who love you, very close.


Getting a phone call at 2am from my mum (I was in Melbourne at the time) to say my little brother was dead. First death of a family member so didn’t know how to react just froze on the phone then didn’t sleep on night and balled my eyes out. 2 weeks after the funeral my grandad died so was a rough time. Put everything on hold as I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind to do anything


I worked 30+ hours a week while paying my way through undergrad and helping my family. It took me 6 years to obtain my B.S. in Biology. My parents never graduated high school and no one in my family has ever attended college. Was in uncharted territory. I worked hard enough to get into my number one school in the whole country, the University of Florida College of Dentistry. A few weeks into the start of my dental education, my dream, a normal blood test revealed something was wrong. More testing, MRIs and seeing a bunch of specialists came back with a small brain tumor. Months of trying to stay afloat with crazy exams and beginning preliminary treatments as they try and determine actual diagnosis, site is not advantageous to operate/biopsy. Basically the medications I was on made me very sick for almost a year. I had to see more specialists to just combat the side effects of initial medications. No bueno. I was missing classes and exams. I wasn’t sleeping, seriously like 2 hours a night for months! I wasn’t eating. I was very depressed. It was the single most difficult thing my family and I have ever faced. The school had a meeting and wanted me to take a medical leave, I refused. It was eventually determined that it’s likely benign, still have to take medications daily and yearly MRI for monitoring purposes. I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to experience what I had to go through but I know lots of people go through worse so I live everyday to the fullest.


Jakew@ thanks for sharing that my friend.
Can I ask how old Joel was?

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He’d just turned 21 was exactly a month after his 21st

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After moving to Hawai’i with a gal that shortly after became an ex in a pretty bad break up, I found myself living/working at a work trade hostel, where it was going well despite sharing a bunk in a room w/ 8 other dudes.

One Saturday a sheriff showed up w/ the building owners and gave us all two days to move everything out and leave, guess the hostel business owners decided they weren’t going to pay rent, and well… that ended as you’d expect with the caveat of leaving several of us more or less homeless and dumbfounded.

So I bought a tent and wound up living in the jungle for a few months. Went through a couple tents with how much it rained and slept in my tiny lil VW golf when it got too bad (FYI: There was literally never a day that didn’t rain there, it was just a matter of HOW much that day, and I loved it! Even when it got cold and miserable it was still quite the unique experience).

Some other hard times trying to live that HI life broke:

  1. Stolen from, several times
  • Backpack w/ 1/2 oz a primo, my passport, some new clothes and smokes. Left on porch to grab lighter, came back and was swiped :neutral_face:
  1. Car broken into twice, lost 2 guitars, several electronics, bag of clothes etc.

  2. BAD head on collision after hydroplaning. No one at fault, we collided at about 45-50MPH - fun fact: Pretty much all of Hawai’i is like one 2 lane highway, and tons of people die in accidents all the time! Oh also at the beach, probably every week at least once I’d hear on the radio of someone else that went in and never came back (It was always the bad spots that you get warned about, I guess some people think they’re invincible).

  3. After aforementioned accident that totaled both cars - we were both lucky enough to walk away with minor injuries and bruising (The lady actually came up to me after I got free and hugged me, was a great experience in a weird way - we also checked up on each other over the next couple weeks to make sure everything was well!)

  4. I was fired from a veterinarian clinic due to not being able to make it as a side affect of said shitty relationship, and being subjected to having to hitchhike to work about 35-40 miles away and be there at 7:45. I was just too depressed, tired and defeated to try anymore. After I broke totally free from that crap situation, I managed to get rehired a month or two later which was really nice. They needed the help bad and I was a great worker when I could make it.

It was a rough year and a half, but I would 10/10 move back there in a heart beat. It’s pretty much heaven and I got to learn a lot about myself and how to let things go.


When I used to live with my parents, my mum was extremely controlling and mentally abusive, wich that itself I won’t be getting in too much right now. The toughest point for me was actually right when I got out of that bad situation. I moved out shortly before my 19th birthday to live on my own. But I was so used to constantly being controlled in anything I did, having everything I was and wasn’t allowed to do be dictated. I quite literally didn’t know what to do with myself. I was a good student but my mum did her best to keep me away from learning anything I could actually use in life, except the things she wanted me to do for her like peel potatoes and gardening etc lol. Suddenly I was all on my own, allowed to do anything I wanted but no idea what to do. The sudden sense of “freedom” was overwelming and suffering from anxiety didn’t help in dealing with this extreme change in situations. In the end it was probably one of the best things I did in life, getting out of my parents house as soon as I could, but dealing with it was at that time quite difficult for me.
In hindsight it kind of seems a bit silly even to me, but at the time it was happening, it was just terrifying to me.


I’ve had a very similar experience as you @stephneechan. It’s bit strange because I wouldn’t like to call my mom controlling and ruining my mental health but as bad it sounds it’s true… She always used my good and helpful personality as an advantage. I was always scared to go against her word. I never fought with her even though I didn’t want to do the things or listen to the crap she spoke about me. She would often fight with my sister because my sister was always more hard headed than me. Meanwhile I was scared of my mom because growing up she would always yell at us about ANYTHING. I was scared to do things and ask anything from her. I was always scared to make a mistake with her seeing because if she asked me to do something and I did it wrong, she’d yell at me how shit and stupid I am. It could be something like a thing being slightly miss placed etc.

I had to live with that since I was 10 years old when my parents separated and it continued until 2015 when I finally moved away from home (I was 23 at the time). When we still lived with both parents my mom sometimes would treat us unfairly but I always told my dad so he protected us and spoke with mom. When dad wasn’t there anymore living with us we had nobody to put mom under control and she would start controlling us.

It all got even worse when my sister moved out. She is 3 years younger than me and moved out already when she was 18. She had a boyfriend and my mom was tired of her bf always visiting us and my mom complained she loses a lot of money because he eats a lot and takes long showers etc. stupid excuses. She told to my sister to move out if she wants to be with her bf all the time. So that’s what they did, they started to look for apartments and moved away. I was left there together with my mom and these 2 years were probably the toughest of my life.

I had no job at the time so that helped my mom to control me even more. I had to do all the shores at home while she was at work, I had to cook every day so when she came to home from work there would be food for her to eat. She wouldn’t let me to be in my own peace. I did everything and yet she’d always yell at me about how shit I am and then afterwards say sorry because “she had a bad day at work” that was the shittiest excuse ever. She abused me mentally a lot of times and her excuse was always something that had absolutely nothing to do with me, which I always found ridiculous and I still do. She also did lot of things like I should have understood between the lines what she wants and if I didn’t do it she’d again yell at me. At this point I was badly depressed, I had no job, I had no irl friends apart from one who I rarely saw, I was like a slave… Every day I would need to keep the door of my room open to hear if my mom had something to say. She didn’t allow me to keep the door closed in case she “wants to talk with me”. She would yell from the other side of the house and I would need to hear if she did that. Meanwhile, imagine if I did that?! The response “I can’t hear through the walls, if you want to talk to ME, then COME HERE!!”. Every day I would also need to go and have a walk with her and listen her open up about her “problems” at work etc. If she wanted to do something with me and if I refused it was the end of the world for her and I did “nothing”. I did everything for her but she was never happy.

I think she never understood how she treated me. I finally got out of it in 2015 when I got a job and I had to move to the city because there weren’t any bus lines from our home to the work place at summer time. So I had this excuse that I had to move and I finally got out of my mom’s control. After that our relationship has got better too, as we don’t see each other every day anymore.

My mom being like that was especially difficult during me being 12-16 years old too because during that time I was always bullied in school so I had mental abuse at home and at school… I only felt good when visiting my dad or staying a night at my friend’s house. But when it comes to my dad - lately the difficulties are with him because he developed alcoholism some years ago and that affects our relationship. He’s been trying to get better lately though and he made a promise of no alcohol this year but I don’t know if he’s been following that as we don’t see him often.

So yeah, this is probably not the most serious thing, but mental health is important. For the most time of my life I’ve hated myself and it’s very tough to deal with. But now I live alone in my own peace, I have a job etc so it’s all better now. But I see that my mom seems to care more for my sister than for me. My sister already has a family, they have bought a house and have a child etc. She’s helped them a lot financially and then she always keeps saying to me that if I need something she’d help too. But when I needed something suddenly she “didn’t have money” to help me. Meanwhile she gives thousands for my uncle to buy a new car, buys anything for my sister, pays my cousin’s trip to Sweden… (she has money because she sold the house we lived in, but if I need something she suddenly doesn’t have money lol). Well whatever, it’s better that I pay all my own things with my own money and don’t depend on anyone.

I’m kind of a failure of the family, I guess you’d expect these things from your oldest child, but I personally don’t even want children. I just want to live in my own peace and collect Pokemon cards. That makes me happy so that’s what I do.

What I’m thankful about is that so far I didn’t need to deal with someone dying during my life apart from one of my childhood friends taking her life, but I know the time will come sooner or later unfortunately as people get older… But it’s better not to think about it.

Also, sorry for all of this text. I didn’t mean to write so much but it happened. I rarely talk about these things anyways in general…


My senior year of college, had to do a group project that crashed and burned. This was a course you had to pass in the Fall in order to take the accompanying course in the Spring to graduate. The day the project is due, we’re getting everybody’s parts together for the paper and I’m proofreading the beast. I realize one guy completely plagiarized his entire section, and another barely wrote anything. I knew our teacher wouldn’t accept it. He was the kind to grill a student in front of the class if they weren’t paying attention or if they hadn’t done the required reading.

One of my other team members took the paper to the teacher and told him what happened and that we didn’t want the other 2 guys presenting with us since they had done nothing. He gave us a one week extension to rewrite the paper at the cost of one letter grade. I pretty much lived in the school library that next week, only leaving for work or to sleep. Ended up getting a B- on the paper. I was ecstatic knowing it was really an A- from such a critical teacher. This guy was a battle hardened business man ready to tear apart anything you said, but he seemed to like our revised paper and our presentation.

Luckily, the team I was on for the associated Spring class was much better. We finished top in our class for the business simulation we conducted and finished near top in the country against teams from other schools. It was a nice way to close out my college career.


I was in the Army here in Norway. 20 years old and I really didn’t want to be there. After 6 months of training I was sent to the border (Norway-Russia). I don’t really know why but I hated it. It sucked hard. I had the fun I could and ended up crashing and wrecking an ATV while drifting in the woods. Woke up seeing my passenger 10m away from me bleeding from his leg and complaining about his back. I messed up my shoulder and was fined 400$ for my behaviour. 4 weeks later i ended up setting myself on fire while burning trash. Someone had exchanged the parafin with fuel and I found myself inside a fireball lol. Went into a pretty deep depression but at one point I desided to tell myself “fuck it, go lift and stop whining”. Ended up putting on mass, grew mentally strong and today I am sure it changed my life for the better. Omly because I desided to not let it break me. As mentioned earlier by someone here; mental health is important. It is also really hard to understand.

This is one of the many reasons I want physical activity a part of everyones life :heart_eyes:


Having to get out of bed the other day when it was very cold was the toughest thing I ever had to do.


Had an ex who had some serious issues that didn’t come to the surface until we lived together. I won’t go into it here but that was a tough time. Swings and roundabouts, I’m now happily married and loving life!

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Hard life house lol.


Reading some of the stories above I feel like I’ve been pretty lucky thus far. The only things that really comes to mind are the two times when my grandpas died.

My first grandpa ended up in the hospital due to failing kidneys. One of them had to be removed, and the other only had 15% capacity (not sure if that’s the correct word…) left. So he had to spend a lot of time at the haemodialysis (kidney dialysis), which really took a toll on the rest of his health and energy. After that it was about three years of ups and downs. One time he was in a comma for two weeks, and the other time he was able to stay at home continuing life as always. In those three years he also suffered a few other illnesses due to his low resistance, like pneumonia (inflammation of his lungs) and such. Eventually it was too much, and he passed away in the hospital. That was the first dead in our family (actually second, because I’ve also known my grand-grandma (grandma of my dad) till I was about 6 years old - she passed at age 94), so that was pretty tough for me.

The passing of my second grandpa was a harder for me personally, though. He and his son (my uncle) were already in a fight for about six years, and hadn’t seen each other all that time. After those six years, my uncle finally set things straight with my stubborn grandpa, and I’m glad he did (just in time… :slightly_frowning_face: ). Because half a year later we celebrated Christmas at my grandparent’s place (so my grandpa and grandma, me, my parents, my little brother, and my uncle, aunt, and their three children were there). We talked, had a nice Christmas dinner, and had fun. Just three days later, still before New Year’s Eve my grandma called us at home. My mom (her daughter) was at work, but me, my little brother and my dad were home when I picked up the phone. She was crying on the phone, so I knew something was wrong (because I had never hear her cry before), and I kinda pushed the phone into my dad’s hand. Since my dad didn’t knew what was going on, he was pissed at me for just pushing the phone in his hand while he was doing some things in the garage, but I just pointed at the phone stating it was grandma and that it was important, and went upstairs myself. As I already kinda expected after hearing my grandma cry, my grandpa had passed away in his sleep, even though we just saw him three days prior and nothing was wrong with him. For him personally it’s the best way to go of course, but for all of us it was very sudden. Since he had a heart-attack in the past (before I was born), his heart was already weaker than normal. So he died of a heart attack in his sleep, and hasn’t suffered whatsoever.

My first grandpa died at the age of 82 and my second a year later at age 71. Both my grandmas are still alive, though. They will turn 92 and 82 this year, in the same week (they are almost exactly 10 years apart in terms of age). Apart from some small health issues, they are still pretty healthy and active, but given there age it probably won’t take decades anymore. But let’s not think about that.

Apart from that I can’t really think of anything, except maybe doing my 4th year of high school over after just barely missing the last point to pass the year. Thinking back now however I’m happy I did fail that year. The new 4th year class was a lot nicer, the teachers I had that year were nicer, and I finished high school and college without too many problems. But hearing I had to do a year over was pretty rough at the time…



I rather not share, although it is no secret i don’t think this is the right place.

The hardest moment was winning a giveaway on efour
But losing it in the mail :full_moon_with_face:

Another hard moment was ending @pkmnflyingmaster 's life because the game forced me to :slightly_frowning_face:


Probably trying to think of something to post here… but alas, here we are.

woo glad that’s over


Reading these stories makes me appreciate how lucky I am personally for my families health and well being, along with my own. If I have to think back on the most tragic experience that personally affected me it would have to be the loss of my Grandmother or finding out from my mother that my Step Father had been cheating on her. My grandmother was taken at age 66 which is fairly young in this day and age and she was by far one of the most influential person in my life. My step father has always been mentally abusive to me and so there was always a void in our relationship. To find out that he was cheating on my mom and the things he put her through has not only caused her hardship but has also created a rift in my family that has never been the same. Life goes on though and I am on my own with my loving wife now and couldn’t be happier. I have found that things happen for reasons unexplained at the time they occur but tend to make more sense as you move forward in life.


I won’t go into a lot of details but I’ve struggled with anxiety and panic attacks and probably depression since my early 20s. I’m 30 now and I don’t wish that shit on anyone. It started to become a real problem when it started to affect my job, affect my ability to drive, affect my relationships with friends and family. I didn’t want to do anything, I was scared. It was always on my mind. Eventually I started to learn how to deal with the things in my life. Pokemon did have a helping hand in it, as collecting things and just admiring the art always calmed me down. Anyways, your mental health is always important, never forget that. If you’re struggling, ask for help, tell someone.