WTB: Last cards needed to complete collection!

You heard right!

After scoring a sealed First Press movie 4 DVD with promo Suicune still inside, I’m down to the home stretch to a complete, bilingual Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Absol, and Land Forme Shaymin trading card collection. (Soon to be trilingual when I eventually score some of those new Korean beasts and Shaymin!) So I come to you guys for help, before I trawl the depths of YJ to get these stragglers.

All these cards are Japanese, and you can see a reference photo here. I don’t mind minor edge whitening since, with viper.fox’s patented binder weight-fu, that’s easily repaired.

ADV ex 1 Magma VS Aqua: Two Ambitions
マグマVSアクア ふたつの野望

[li] #027/080 Suicune ex
(Even if I can’t score one here, I’d love to buy the one Pokeyblokey has! Just trawling here first.)[/s]

DP3 Shining Darkness

[li] DPBP#293 Raikou
[/li][li] DPBP#294 Entei
[/li][li] DPBP#295 Suicune[/s]
[/li][li] DPBP#417 Absol
(I know viper.fox needs the Absol too, so if you have more than one hook her up!)

DPt3 Beat Of The Frontier

[li]#064/100 Absol G

[/li][li]#065/100 Absol G Lv. X

Thanks for your time everyone!

Did you get these from Pokeblokey? I want to get some odd promos I’ve got missing, just wondering if he’s still responding