"Old" Japanese Absol cards

Hello there,

It’s actually my first post here. I’m looking for 3 Absol cards for years and I think it could be a good thing to ask for help.
Here is the list:

072/086 アブソル (まぼろしの森 Mirage Forest) (JP)
006/015 アブソル (ギフトボックス ミュウ・ルカリオver. Gift Box Mew • Lucario ver. - Mightyena Quarter Deck) (JP)
060/108 アブソル ex (ワールドチャンピオンズパック World Champions Pack) (JP)

My goal is to complete my collection of all Absol cards in Japanese, French and English. I already have all artworks but miss these in Japanese, and a few in English and French (but they are way easier to find).

If someone know where I could find some, it would be really appreciated.


Hi @vennom!

Do you have offers in mind? I should have the Gift Box and WCP cards.


Not really but I’d prefer a trade. Are you looking for something in particular? Or please tell me if you do have offers in mind.

Since you’re initiating the deal you’d have better luck by making a generous offer for what you want :wink:

I could use either of these:
Espeon ex 041/106
Umbreon ex 091/106

Both 1ED from Golden Sky, Silvery Ocean. Otherwise though, not really looking for a whole lot atm.

@ Not Zelda Gilroy

I’m not really initiating the deal because I don’t know anyone on this forum so I don’t really know what to offer. In the begining I’m looking for help to find those card online, but I’m open for trade too. To be honest I wasn’t hoping that someone could have those card in their possession, but more for advice on where to find old Japanese cards on the internet. eBay could be a good place, but I never found those, I’m looking for other websites and good ressources for old cards too. :blush:

@ pokephd

Unfortunatly, I don’t have these cards. Would you be interested on selling the Absol cards?

Here is 1.


That’s a good price! I’d jump on that. :blush:

I can sell the other Absol for $5 shipped if you like. Let me make sure I still have it though…

WHAAAAAAAAAAT?! I was looking for this card for years, thank you so much, I GOT IT. :grin:
This item was added recently, right?

@ pokephd

Sounds good to me, let me know if you still have it. :blush: