A Very Beasterrific Collection

Hello! :3 New member, you can blame viper.fox for both referring me here AND for getting me really into card collecting. She’s really been showing me just how amazing they are, and introduced to me the superior quality of Japanese vs English cards.

I collect exclusively cards of Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Absol, and Land Forme Shaymin, all of which I also collect merchandise of.

I suck and don’t have scans of my cards, but once I get my latest pretties in I’ll scan them up nice and good. So for now, here’s my Beast Trio and Absol collection (I also have the shiny Beast Trio deck box but that’s on another page with the other shiny Beast Trio merchandise):


Shaymin Land Forme:


The newest cards I’ll be expecting in the mail are:

Shiny Pokémon Present Campaign
#062/L-P Entei (Shiny)
#063/L-P Suicune (Shiny)
#064/L-P Raikou (Shiny) (Oh my GOD I am ecstatic for these. *-*)

e-Series 3 Wind From The Sea
#026 Entei (non-holo)

e-Series 4 Split Earth
#039 Raikou (holo)

ADV Magma Gang Deck W
「構築済みデッキ「マグマ団 ハーフデッキW」
#001 Entei ex

ADV Aqua Gang Deck W
「構築済みデッキ「アクア団 ハーフデッキW」
#014 Raikou ex

ex Magma vs Aqua
#96 Absol

PCG Rocket Gang Strikes Back
#068 Rocket’s Entei ex
#069 Rocket’s Suicune ex

PCG Golden Sky, Silvery Ocean
#019 Entei ☆
#039 Raikou ☆ (Just need Suicune ☆ now!)

I really, really look forward to seeing all your collections and learning a lot more about cards! I’m so glad too that this forum is asshat-free, there seems to be a ridiculous amount of asshats in the hobby.

Nice, and welcome! The new Shiny dogs must’ve been a godsend for you :grin:

Feel free to post your non card collections in the Side Collections forum, maybe you’ll drum up some interest…

Oh god yes. XD I’m hoping to get the non-limited set for my birthday tomorrow, and I’m so excited for the tins. I will be a bit miffed if they do re-release the limited shinies later in the year, not even just because it’ll detract from the originals, but because thanks to the shitty English print, they’ll be crappy copies. The exact reason why I’m holding off on getting the English beast Legend cards, that and they’re horribly overpriced PER HALF with such washed out art.

Oh really? :3 I think I will then! I do like my toys as much as I love my cards.

Thanks so much!