WTB: Jolteon niche cards/stickers/postcards

I’m looking for mint copies of the following cards as I would like to add a PSA 10 copy to my collection eventually - I’m based in the UK so prices will be in GBP.

Prices are also hard to gauge since I haven’t even seen some on the market so there will of course be some wiggle room.

Dawn Dash Unlimited (Non-Holo) - £30
Spiral Force First Edition (Non-Holo) - £25
XY Bandit Ring Unlimited (Holofoil) - £35

Meiji Promo - £45
Undaunted Reverse Holo (English) - £30
Reviving Legends Unlimited (Non-Holo) - £30
Reviving Legends Unlimited (Reverse Holo) - £45

Now a few non TCG items that I am looking to purchase:

Non-Holo Thunder Banpresto postcard - £25
Holo Thunder Banpresto postcard - £45
Generations EX sealed tin (English) - £55
Uncut Artbox Series 1 sheet - £10/15
Dunkin Donuts Lenticular pog - £8
Topsun Holofoil sticker - £60~

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From my understanding, Spiral Force does not exist in unlimited. I have been looking for years for all Eeveelutions and never seen one. Have you seen any copy floating around?

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I’d also like to add that I am also looking for Jolteon marbles from the Toy Biz set back in 2000 - paying £6 per marble depending on the colour and condition.

I’m unaware of how many colours these were released in so I cannot provide a list of what colours I now need so let me know if you do have any or even a list of marble variants if there is one out there…

I have never seen an unlimited version in circulation so I’m glad you also have the opinion that is doesn’t exist. I was just trying my luck! I had briefly discussed this with @quuador a while back and I believe we were still trying to figure this out.

I guess, one less card for me to chase! :+1:

I made a thread trying to figure this one out. Based on graded pop reports, and not seeing a single unlimited copy for any card in the set, I don’t think unlimited exists.

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I did speak to a Darkrai collector who confirmed it was a mislabel by PSA - thanks for investigating!

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Nice, I am glad to hear my thread within my thread was also looked at, and that the Darkrai was mislabeled.

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But the other unlimited cards are going to be a pain to find!

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