WTB: Jolteon Cards

~~WTB: Jolteon Cards

Hi, everyone!

I am looking for a few Jolteon cards to complete my [Jolteon Collection]:

  • Jolteon [Bonds to the End of Time, 028/090]
  • Jolteon [Reviving Legends, 017/080]
  • Jolteon [Meiji Promo, 106/PCG-P]
  • Jolteon [Jungle, 1st Edition Holo, 4/64]
  • Jolteon ex [WC, Non-Holo, 109/113] – Please note the signature shown in this imageWw_35.JPG), as this is the only signature I require.~~
  • Jolteon [BW4 Dark Rush, 024/069]
  • Jolteon ex [EX Delta Species, 109/113] - Please note that I require the holofoil version of this card.

~~I only accept NM – M (Near-Mint – Mint) condition cards.

If anyone has any of these cards available for sale, please let me know!


I have completed this collection :blush:


  • UU~~

► BUMP ◄

– Added Jolteon [BW4 Dark Rush, 024/069]
– Added Jolteon ex [EX Delta Species, 109/113]; I have this card, yet it isn’t mint.