WTB 1st ed Jasmine's Jolteon VS series, PSA 10

Looking for a few cards to close out some sets. I would ask that everything is done via PayPal Good and services or on your eBay listings; prices here are after PayPal fees/shipping. I feel like I have enough buyer cred that this shouldn’t be a problem (I can link my eBay name), but for well established forum members I can do F&F. Shipping varies so let me know what it costs to ship and we will work it out.

Please provide good photos of the front and back of the cards, with the serial# displayed.

Prices are based on sold listings in the past months (+adjusted). Some room for negotiation depending on the card.

Looking for the following Neo cards:

  • 1st ed Espeon Holo 1/75 Neo Disovery PSA, 10 - Purchased
  • 1st ed Dark Espeon Holo 4/105 Neo Destiny PSA 10 - Purchased


  • 1st ed Jasmine’s Jolteon VS series, PSA 10 - $60 USD
  • 1998 Corocoro Comics - Glossy Lt. Surge’s Jolteon, PSA 10 - Purchased!
  • Black Star Holo Eevee PSA 10 - Purchased


Shipping will be to Canada, hopefully not an issue.

Upated with Black Star Eevee, missed the one on eBay this week sadly due to work emergencies.

A Dark Espeon just got listed on Ebay, might get lucky throwing the seller an offer :blush:

Saw it and discussed with folks on discord how bad the silvering on the top and the nicks on the back were. Have no idea how that is even a 10, seems Dark Espy has a history of bad 10s.

He also had the other espeon listed with similar problems, but theres a few consignment sellers listing them recently without bites (Bad pictures, want 50% more than last sold ones).

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