WTB JP Neo 4, Jungle Holo PSA 10 & GR Mewtwo PSA 9

Hi, I am looking to purchase graded Japanese vintage cards mostly at the moment. Please note that I live in Canada, hopefully this will not be a problem for shipping! Thanks!

Neo 4
Light Dragonite Holo JP PSA 10 → $235 USD

Pidgeot Holo JP PSA 10 → $170 USD
Flareon Holo JP PSA 10 → $250 USD
Jolteon Holo JP PSA 10 → $280 USD

GR Mewtwo Game boy Holo PSA 9 → $300 USD

If possible, I’d prefer a 9 with decent front-centering (idk why, off-center cards rly bug me lol), don’t really care about the centering on the back tho! Listed all prices in USD for convenience, if you’re Canadian, let’s transact in CAD please!! Thanks!

Got a dark espeon, crossed that off the list! bump for the rest :blush: