WTT: For PSA 9 Gold Star Espeon

Hey everyone!

Just looking for the last one!!! Please PM if interested :laughing:

Seeing if anyone would be interested in a trade. A PSA 9 Gold Star Charizard for a PSA 9 Gold Star Espeon?

Would love to see pictures of front/back and of course PayPal only :blush:

Bump :grin:

I raised the price a bit.

You may also PM if you’d like!

Updated price. :grin:

I’ve got a PSA 9 Vaporeon if you’re interested in that. However I won’t be home for a few more weeks so I wouldn’t be able to send ASAP. PM me if you’re interested :grin:

3 down and only 2 more to go! :grin:

Whats a fair price for psa 9 vaporeon and jolteon?

From memory, probably around $200. You can check ebay’s past listings to find what they’ve gone for.

Bump - Asking for a trade for one :slightly_smiling_face:

Just looking for the last card!

PM me! :sunglasses:

What price are you looking for the espeon? I have a mint one which will probably get 9 if graded. Was gonna send it for grading this month