WTB - Ancient Mew (or similar) uncut foil sheet

Hey everyone,

Further to my recent post reaching out in relation to uncut sheets, I have thought about which sheet i’d like to pursue.

I’m seeking an ancient mew uncut sheet and am looking to pay $40,000 Australian Dollars for one. It was the main card i remember from my childhood (more so because i was like ‘da heck is this’).

This sheet would look magnificent with the full holo cards, so I hope someone can make my dream become a reality.

I am hopefully confident that some of these exist out there unlike e-series, gym and neo, which seem to be rarer than hens teeth.

Please get in touch should you have one or can help me in sourcing one.




GL @chickenpalma! Best items in the hobby imo

@1by1collector, do you have an ig or something with sheets???

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Hi Casual, i have an IG but there are no photos on it atm other than my base 10 zard.

I use to be active on IG but stopped using it and deleted all my post but the one pic.


Did you find one? Ancient mew is my favorite card I planned on purchasing one as well when I got enough money but 30K US is a big offer.


I have about 30 ungraded Ancient Mews from the 2000 movie, but that’s about as close as I would have to offer


It is a big offer, looks like i won’t be buying a house anytime soon… haha

I have tentatively secured one - will keep you posted on this thread :blush:

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@1by1collector came through with the goods and hand delivered the sheet to me now that the lockdown in Melbourne has eased. I cannot thank him enough for hooking me up with this. It is really a dream come true, and we even celebrated the transaction with a bit of champagne!

For your viewing pleasure, here are some pictures of the sheet. As you can see, one mew has double holo (under certain light). Has anyone else ever had an ancient mew card that was like this?


I think this is one of the most beautiful Pokemon items I have ever seen. Huge congrats on this unique acquisition!


Thanks, mate! :blush:

The photos really don’t do it justice, the holo pops so much more in person. I think i can die happy now hah.

I am conflicted, however, on whether to publicly display or keep it stored in a dark room. The glass is 99% UV resistant, so i assume it will be ok as long as its not in direct light?


Bro im in love with that the extra holo on the edges look amazing and that darker mew is awesome i want one soooo bad


Wow. That’s really cool. What’s up with that one Mew that stands out in the middle of the last pic?


It looks like it is a holo bleed, its only noticeable from certain angles.

I have looked at it quite closely and i think this would have happened on all of the ancient mew sheets printed from this facility. To me, it looks like when they were copying the Ancient Mew image across 90 times in their imaging/printing software, they accidentally either:

  1. Pasted that ancient mew twice in the same spot, or
  2. Missed copying a layer of that Ancient Mew image (as has happened to be before when playing around with photos in adobe photoshop/illustrator)

That particular Ancient Mew is also a bit misaligned when compared to the other 89, which further makes me think it was an error they made when compiling the images.


Quite rare to find a niche item like this so quickly after asking for it. Also even more crazy that the seller is in Australia and was able to deliver in person?? Great story here :blush: congrats to both of you.


Any chance you can take a video of it? This item is sick, would be cool to display with its own spotlight!

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Absolutely amazing man, good on you

www.ebay.com/itm/2000-POKEMON-ANCIENT-MEW-MOVIE-PROMO-PSA-9-MINT-DOUBLE-HOLO-WOTC/284060579025This popped up on eBay not too long ago but I honestly can’t tell the difference when it’s isolated. Looks normal to me
Edit: is the error mew on your uncut sheet missing the border pattern?

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Happy for you both!

@chickenpalma, @1by1collector,

I have to see more of your collection @1by1collector,

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I wish I could find rare, unique things like this at the drop of a fucking hat like you did… crazy that it worked out so quick. And that is a really cool sheet!


Props to OP for putting his money where his mouth is and giving a very strong offer. So many people try obtain these types of rare items but are not willing to pay up