The Curious Case of Uncut TCG Sheets - Where Art Thou?

Most of us are familiar with sealed product, booster boxes, Trophy cards etc, but something I don’t hear people talk a lot about are uncut sheets. Being in Australia, I see them occasionally come up as flex items on local Facebook pages, but I rarely see any actually come up for sale (outside of the Fossil Promotional sheets). Furthermore, the sheets that I see are typically of common/uncommon cards and look like they were used as a child’s playmat for a few years!

To me, uncut sheets (especially from WoTc) are some of the coolest items in the hobby; they provide insight into the manufacturing process, show the provenance of certain rare cards (for example, TCA gaming’s Team Rocket sheet, which has the no holo dragonite(s) on it) and they look really good in a fame. They are a true, unique and rare statement piece.

My question would be, what Pokemon (or other TCG) sheets have you come across during your time collecting? Have you ever owned one or tried to purchase one? If so, how much was it or how hard was to obtain? And finally, what are your opinions or comments on these items? Do you love them? Do you hate them?

I feel like I have reached the point where I am quite content with my Pokemon collection, the only thing I am really craving is an uncut sheet, so if you have any leads of further information on them, I would love to hear it!


I also live in Australia, a few years ago I purchased an uncut jungle common sheet from a pawn shop, sheet is signed and dated a few months into the year 2000, and has the word oceanic on it. This was the print run that was put into red logo jungle product in Australia.


Wow, that is so cool! do you still have it? I would love to see some photos. That has to be one of the best pawn shop finds i have heard of! I have seen a few sheets that are signed and dated. I find that really neat, and for me, it adds to the value and history of the item… which is funny considering i generally don’t like signed Pokemon cards haha.


yep I have it, paid $250 if I remember right, Yeah adds a lot of provenance to the piece


PokeMuseum has a decent article on uncut sheets:

I’ve only come across two directly in person. One was an Unlimited Base sheet during an event and another was an Unlimited Fossil sheet at a comic book store when I was visiting friends out of state.


That is a great resource - thank you. It helps understand roughly how many are out there/have surfaced over the years. I am sure there are probably a fair few undocumented ones, too.

Being an error guy, i think my favourite one has to be the Jungle no symbol sheet.


Great thread.

I collected pokemon cards as a child and ceased to collect around 2005.

I went back into collecting in 2012 and over time owned many cards and boxes from 1st ed base charizards to skyridge boxes.

The chase, the hunt for these items were great but eventually it came to a point of trying to find something really unique.

Enter uncut sheets. I managed to source an uncut sheet and without any doubt, it is the greatest piece in my collection.

Over the last year or so i have sold off most of my collection to assist with property purchases and the like however the one thing that stays with me, the one thing i could stare at for hours, is my uncut sheet.

Nothing in my collection feels like it could compare to the scarcity of it or the aesthetics of having this huge piece of artwork, which at times you ponder could be the only one in existence.

I absolutely love my uncut sheet and i did not realise how visually appealing and satisfying it would be to own one, until i had one.

Unfortunately many collectors will not get the opportunity to ever see one so it may be difficult for you to get much insight or opinion into these.

There is currently a jungle uncut sheet on ebay for $27,000. If i had the funds i would be scooping that up in a heartbeat. Jungle 1st ed booster boxes are selling for about $13-$15k so an uncut sheet with a population of say 1 to maybe 5, with 110 holos still uncut from the factory, i feel should be worth more than the value of two booster boxes. That’s my two cents.

I wish you all the best in obtaining one!

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I love uncut sheets! Finding one was the main reason I joined E4 back in 2016.

I’ll have some interesting stuff to share in the coming weeks on this topic & will link back here when I share more!

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Never owned any uncut sheet or saw any irl. The ones I have seen online can also all be found in the link that @azulryu provided.

One I especially like are the Skyridge Box Toppers, which contain both German and Italian ones on a single uncut sheet:

I know that almost all European cards (for both Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh) are printed in Belgium, but it’s cool to see a single sheet with two languages like this.

I also really like the 20th Anniversary sheets that are (or were?) hanging in the US Pokémon headquarters in Bellevue WA (sources: this thread I posted back in August 2017, and this reddit post):

The cards used are all over the place, even including WotC era cards. There are also some English/Japanese backs and Unown mixed in randomly. Of course they don’t really give any information about the history of Pokémon and how they produced them, but I still like them for how random and unique they are.

And another one I of course like for obvious reasons is this Japanese Pokémon Best Song Collection CD sheet for the Pikachu. This is one sheet I wouldn’t mind owning in my Pikachu collection. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve also showed some uncut sheets in my picture dump thread, but I think all of those are also mentioned on that website Devin linked.



Uncut sheets are also one of my favorite too! I personally collect Chinese uncut sheets haha


Hard to find I imagine? How is the collection coming along? Do you have some pictures, would love to see some, never seen them in chinese.

I actually completed it a month or so ago. I have every print sheet for Chinese base :blush:


Uncut sheets are my favorite part of the collection. My first was a Neo Genesis common, which back then in 2011, then were roughly $20 apiece on ebay. When I held that thing, I was hooked. Of course after that I ran into the Fossil sheet from KB Toys, again super cool and not that common really(what was it 1000 copies?) My first big purchase was an Ancient Mew Test Sheet for $1200. 6 payments of $200, which was a lot at the time(Aug 2012). Keep in mind at the same time I was buying MINT 1st ed zards for $180 from the same person.

After that any sheet that came up I pursued after. I even bought 12 sheets off a guy in Hawaii and gave half to crazypokemon as payment for the contact once. It is still apart of my daily searches. I buy news sheets any chance I get, but can go several months within getting a new one. I have sold some along the way, but it has taken almost a decade for me to obtain the few stacks in my collection.

There are several I regret not getting when I have the chance - The Entei Black only, Pichu reverse, & Pikachu W stamped.

Hopefully one day, uncut sheets can be encased by a grading company or some place that can fully document and preserve them.


Congratulations, that’s quite a feat.

There’s an unlimited chinese base set sheet on ebay atm. It’s listed for $1.2 million and a know an offer of $60,000 was declined.

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Jesus 60k really? I considered posting mine as a joke “only unfaded copy in the world Chinese base unlimited holo sheet”

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Anybody see the Australian 1st ed Base Uncut sheet?

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It would be interesting to see how some WOTC sheets never publicly known to exist would sell. It seems the majority of the sheets out there are base variants, jungle and fossil.

Yes, what an interesting piece that is. A shadowed 1st ed base sheet, what could have been?

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It’s a little odd because it would be another printing of english 1st edition which makes no sense.

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Sorry for the late reply, work has been hectic.

Oh, wow! I didn’t realise you collected them so intensely - that is awesome. I saw your insta post, too. I didn’t realise there were even that many base set sheets in existence, yet alone owned by one person! Regarding the neo sheets, it’s crazy to imagine anything that unique being $20 now. Someone posted one on facebook recently - i have been trying to remember who it was as i believe they were thinking of selling it.

I noticed your store them in what looks like a huge toploader? Where do you source them from? I reckon, until a company starts grading them, the best bet it your huge toploader or rolling them into a poster tube (obviously it would have to have a wider diameter than a normal poster tube unless you want to destroy the sheets)